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Table of Contents


  by Mark Lane
Page. ...i
  The Cult of Death
Chapter One  
  A Shy and Retiring Fellow
Page ...5
Chapter Two  
  What is Revisionism?
Page. 13
Chapter Three  
  Doubting "History"
Page. 19
Chapter Four  
  The Reward Offer
Chapter Five
  Who is Mel Mermelstein
Page. 33
Chapter Six
  A Nuisance Suit
Page. 41
Chapter Seven
  The Offensive Escalates
Page. 49
Chapter Eight
  Not Reasonably Subject to Dispute?
Page. 53
Chapter Nine
  A Media Victory
Page. 59
Chapter Ten
  Another Reward Offer
Page. 65
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
  The Settlement
Chapter Thirteen
  Damage Control
Page. 83
Chapter Fourteen
  Explaining the Facts
Page. 89
Chapter Fifteen
  Mel Strikes Again
Page. 95


Chapter Sixteen  
  Mel's Biggest Mistake
Page 103
Chapter Seventeen
  A Prevaricator Under Oath
Page 107
Chapter Eighteen
  A Vexatious Litigant
Page 115
Chapter Nineteen
  Judicial Notice, Again
Page 125
Chapter Twenty
  An "Expert" Witness
Page 131
Chapter Twenty-One
  The Movie Star
Page 137
Chapter Twenty Two
  Countdown to Trial
Page 147
Chapter Twenty Three
  The Beginning of the End
Page 155
Chapter Twenty Four
  The "Borking" of Mermelstein
Page 171
Chapter Twenty Five
  The Case Unravels
Page 177
Chapter Twenty Six
  The Judge Speaks
Page 187
Chapter Twenty Seven
Page 193
Chapter Twenty Eight
  An Unpublicized Victory
Page 197
Chapter Twenty Nine
  The Soap Lady
Page 201
Chapter Thirty
  The Triumph of Historical Revisionism
Page 221
  Why Is `The Holocaust' Important?
by W. A. Carto

Page 227
[Reference Notes*
Page 235]

* In the ebook offered by America First Books, the reference notes are embedded at intervals inside the text rather than provided on page 235, as in the softcover edition. Also, the formatting above is based upon the softcover edition.



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