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UH-1D helicopters rev up as 2nd Battalion/14th Infantry Regiment soldiers embark on a search and destroy mission northeast of Cu Chi, Vietnam in May 1966.

Chapter Two

A Vietnam Veteran’s Advice
to The Troops in Iraq

May 30, 2003

. . .Last week our Beloved Emperor Bonehead the Younger declared victory over the barbarians. I guess the barbarians didn’t hear him because they were too busy bushwhacking the patrols of our Glorious Imperial Legions. Since Bonehead bespoke himself the Iraqi resistance has killed several Americans, and our Glorious Imperial Legions are being shot at on a daily basis all across Iraq.
. . .But not to worry – our Glorious Imperial Generals have a bold new strategy to subdue the aborigines. They have ordered their troops to get out of their armored vehicles and to patrol on foot. Furthermore, the brass have increased the number of patrols and ordered them to patrol areas they had previously avoided because of hostile receptions by the local ingrates. In effect, the brass have ordered the troops to parade aimlessly around Baghdad like ducks

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in some carnival shooting gallery until snipers blow their brains out. This may seem like an insane policy guaranteed to fill body bags while accomplishing nothing. However, it’s really a stroke of imperial military genius. I will explain.
. . .This policy is not unlike the strategy in Vietnam, where we grunts would roam the countryside burning down houses and shooting “Viet Cong.” And our clever generals always knew exactly where to find the “Viet Cong” – they were always most numerous in the areas where we were burning down “Viet Cong” houses. This reliable old trick should work just fine in Iraq, too. Instead of looking for “Viet Cong,” we’ll be rampaging about looking for “fundamentalist terrorists,” or whatever and finding plenty of them. And don’t forget the windfall of dead but perfectly photogenic “heroes” that this policy of sitting duck patrols will produce.
. . .The Glorious Imperial Media recently turned its spotlight on one of these dead but photogenic and therefore still useful “heroes.” This particular dead “hero” happened to be the first “Native-American” female “soldier” to die in combat. The NWO sanctioned ceremony that honored this “hero” even included a dance troop of Indians in authentic-looking costumes. These lawn jockey Indians danced around in a circle and chanted “Oh Ga Bo Ga” or something like that. This sight confused me because I’ve known a number of actual Indians and not one was an idiot. I remained confused until I looked up “Oh Ga Bo Ga” and found out that translated into English it means “What the heck did the dumb broad expect?” I’m only kidding of course. I have no idea what the Indians were chanting.
. . .Why am I making a mock of this official “hero?” Because I have to explain some important military matters to young members of our Glorious Imperial Legions stationed in Iraq, and as always the first step in preparing to receive military wisdom is maintaining a good, healthy military frame of mind. To have a good, healthy military frame of mind you must become callous and indifferent to the suffering of others to the point that you find their suffering humorous and begin to mock it. And more to the point you must come to understand that most of what happens in most wars is pure theater and mockery designed to deceive the public in general and you in particular, young soldier.
. . .Take, for instance, the use of depleted uranium by our Glorious Imperial Legions during their world-wide campaign of slaughter and destruction. Our Glorious Imperial Air Force has been dropping

2,000 pound bombs with depleted uranium jackets all over the Middle East for years. All total they’ve dropped thousands of tons of the stuff. The stated reason for jacketing these bombs in depleted uranium is to increase their military effectiveness. The military brass and their apologists point out that depleted uranium is extremely dense and therefore it penetrates armor plate and bunkers much better than any available substitute. Their explanation is pure B.S. and makes no military sense at all. Any 2,000 pound bomb landing anywhere near a tank will blow it half way across Baghdad and turn anyone inside into a sort of jellified pink mush. No penetration effect is required.
. . .The real motive for the extensive use of depleted uranium by our Glorious Imperial Legions is simply to get rid of the nasty stuff so we don’t have to deal with the hassle of storing it here in America. And consider the bigger military picture. Think of the message we’re sending to Iran: “Mess with the NWO and we’ll turn your country into a radioactive wasteland just like we did to your neighbors, Afghanistan and Iraq.” All the talk about tanks and bunkers and penetration is pure theater designed to distract the public away from topics they do not want discussed, such as turning entire countries into radioactive wastelands.
. . .And this bit of theater with the depleted uranium gets us back to the similar theatre of the sitting duck patrols that the brass have ordered in Iraq. The search and destroy rampages in Vietnam and the sitting duck patrols in Iraq both seem brainless and counterproductive when judged against their stated purpose, but make perfect sense when you substitute another purpose. I hope I have made my point clear enough so that young soldiers in Iraq will understand that their generals are not the idiots they perceive them to be. Cheer up, guys. Your generals are not idiots; they are killing you on purpose.


9-11 Tower collapse
Puhhleeasse Bush!!!

First prove to us that this was not an inside job using controlled demolitions and Israeli-linked firms

. . .I also have this to say to the American occupation troops in Iraq: Don’t get uptight about my mocking your sufferings. That’s my way as a Vietnam veteran of welcoming you to the club, so to speak. You’re being lied to and murdered just like the cannon fodder in Vietnam, and the sooner you get over any silly notions like honor or sympathy or bizarre rituals the better off you’ll be. And don’t waste any time worrying about Osama bin Subcontractor. He’s probably sipping umbrella drinks in some posh resort in Switzerland and chatting on his cell phone with his accountant in London. He’s playing his part in this theater, and you should likewise be a good soldier and play your part, which happens to be parading around Baghdad in sitting duck patrols until such a time as you get your brains blown out and you become a “hero.”
. . .If any of you people in the Glorious Imperial Legions are offended by what I have said, I invite you to visit my web site. (See the articles archive at where I have some additional comments for you. I have rewritten General Custer’s favorite song “Gerry Owen” so that it is more pertinent to your current situation as mercenaries for the New World Order.

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