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Not long after "Shock and Awe" came the "Golden Photo Op"

Chapter One

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Beloved Emperor
Declares Victory Over Barbarians

May 23, 2003

. . .The Glorious Imperial Legions have just suffered their first killed in action since Bush the Younger declared that the war in Iraq was over. Just east of Baghdad, an Iraqi sniper shot a 3rd Infantry Division soldier in the head. In another fatal incident, an Iraqi walked up to an American soldier who was directing traffic in Baghdad and shot him in the head with a pistol. Our Beloved Emperor may declare whatever he pleases, but Iraq is one huge shooting gallery and the war is just beginning.
. . .Emperor Bonehead says the war is over and we’ve won. I say the war is just beginning and that we will surely lose. And when we lose this war in Iraq, we’ll lose a lot more than whatever oil we’ve been stealing. The Dollar will tank against the Euro, and the Euro will replace the Dollar as the world’s currency of choice for trade and reserves. Here in America, both inflation and interest rates will go ballistic, and we’ll have an instant depression. We will

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surely lose this war because we don’t have a military that can take significant casualties on a sustained basis. Our occupation of Iraq is going to produce a steady stream of returning body bags. Consider the situation in Iraq.
. . .In Iraq, shooting incidents, riots and demonstrations involving our Glorious Imperial Legions are everyday occurrences. Essentially, they can’t get out of their armored vehicles without some local good old boy mistaking them for thieving crusaders and taking a pot shot at them. More bad news. Iraq is awash in weapons looted from Saddam’s huge arsenals. Numerous militias have sprung up all over Iraq and they are all heavily armed. More bad news. Iraq is now “flooded” with heroin and other street drugs. When Saddam was in power he strung up drug dealers, and there was no major drug scene. However, since the March invasion, law and order have broken down completely, and heroin, which was once rare, is now plentiful in the black market back alleys.
. . .You can bet it won’t be long before our troops start shooting up just like they did in Vietnam. And our GIs will provide an eager market for the recent bumper crop of poppies grown by our Northern Alliance friends in Afghanistan.
. . .If our Glorious Imperial Legions are still in Iraq a year from now, they will be hunkering down inside heavily-defended firebases under intermittent siege, just like so many Ft. Apaches defended by drug-addled teenagers who will shoot at anything that moves. It just won’t work. Whatever stooges we install in Baghdad to help us with the looting will be despised and attacked by all honorable Iraqis. When our stooges are eventually strung up on lamp poles and we depart from our embassy roof aboard helicopters, then the real action starts. After the Axis of Looting gets tarred and feathered and run out of Iraq what will the consequences be, especially here at home? To think about these consequences, let’s step back a little and look at the bigger picture.
. . .The Axis of Looting (that’s Britain, Israel and the USA) has brazenly declared war on the world by openly announcing that from now on the world is “unipolar,” by which they mean that they are in charge and all other nations will take their orders from them ... or else. For instance, the Axis of Looting will henceforth decide which nations may or may not possess weapons of mass destruction. Henceforth, the Axis of Looting will bomb and invade all nations that get in its face, or at least have something worth stealing. If the United Nations doesn’t like it that’s just too bad because the Axis of Looting doesn’t need no stinking UN badges because the world

is “unipolar.” And last but not least, the Axis of Looting will demand that all nations use the Dollar for international trade ... or else. Iraq used to accept only American Dollars for its oil. Then it switched to accepting Euros and it got the “or else.” They’ve been bombed back to the Neolithic and salted with tons of depleted uranium. That should remind the other barbarians not to mess with Rome. Remember Carthage?
. . .Know this: On September 11, 2001, the Axis of Looting didn’t exactly declare war on the world. It declared that the world was a sort of huge plantation ― let’s call it the Big NWO Spread ― and that they are the overlords. Here’s the snag: If the Axis of Looting gets kicked out of Iraq, it will start an uprising of nations switching to the Euro, which will cause a depression here. And if we have a depression here, we will have a Yugoslav-style civil war here if it lingers long enough. And worse yet, even if the Axis of Looting manages to hang on in Iraq, they will only attempt even bolder aggressions against other nations until such time as they finally are defeated and the Dollar dethroned, and America collapses into anarchy and shatters. All these disasters are dead ahead, maybe just a year or two away unless we change course. But the NWO Axis of Looting can’t change course. It lives only by conquest and looting, so it can never stop because it would starve. This unhappy circumstance tells us that defeat in war, followed by a depression here are more a matter of when rather than a matter of if. I’ll give us two years maximum before we’re driven out of Iraq, and the dollar tanks, and a depression hammers the entire globe. In the mean time, if you don’t think the Axis of Looting has declared the entire world to be their plantation, read the Financial Times article "IISS warns Europe must accept US predominance." ¹




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IISS warns Europe must accept US predominance,” by Christopher Adams in London Published: May 14 2003 5:00, Last Updated: May 14 2003 5:00; 




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