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. . .Contrary to any faulty first impressions that certain readers might get, I truly love America.  I find traditional American values to be noble, inspiring, and sacred.  It is the perversion and corruption of these values by New World Order crooks that I relentlessly mock and satirize.  I believe that genuinely patriotic fellow Americans must also feel contempt for the elitist culture distorters who are wrecking what was once a truly great country.
. . .This book is dedicated to the veterans of America’s combat interventions in Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, and elsewhere around the world since World War II.   The overwhelming majority of these Americans served with noble intentions given the information that they were indoctrinated with at the time.  They demonstrated admirable valor and dedication to duty.  This is true even though we have seen steady erosions in the Constitution during the entire post-WWII period. 
. . .Today we realize how New World Order rulers behind the scenes have consistently lied to Americans and worked against them to serve their own interests for many decades.  They have caused the demise of our freedoms and our economy.  They have waged a quiet but vicious form of Civil War Two fought with disinformation rather than bullets.  Even worse, their lies are thrusting America ever closer towards the very real possibility of a Civil War Two with bullets.  This tragic possibility was the subject of my previous book Civil War Two. It was first published in softcover in 1996, and is now available as an ebook just like this ebook.
. . .This book is specially dedicated to veterans of 1950’s peacetime tactical nuclear tests in western American states who received long-term lethal doses of nuclear radiation.  Nor can we forget tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Vietnam vets who were treated like guinea pigs with life-shortening doses of Agent Orange.  We also owe special mention to American POW’s and MIA’s of both Korea and Vietnam who were cynically abandoned by their rulers to live like caged animals for the rest of their lives among their enemies.
. . .This book is also specially dedicated to veterans of the misnamed “Global War on Terrorism.”  Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq have been ordered to do the impossible in battlefields saturated with depleted uranium.  Now, they are dying, literally being cooked slowly to death by radioactive particles permanently embedded in their bodies. One medical survey showed an astounding 69% respiratory illness rate experienced by American servicemen returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, most of this probably caused by DU. Cancer rates from airborne DU have gone up around the planet, not to mention the significantly higher rates experienced by in-theater servicemen. No American veterans of any of our previous wars have ever suffered as much, not even close.  They should all immediately get permanent, 100% disability compensation, every last one of them.  And every American, regardless of their view of this war, should be aware of the unique and terrible price these veterans paid while they served under a military oath that they upheld far beyond what has been asked of previous veterans.
. . .Last, but not least, this book is specially dedicated to all veterans of all wars and eras who are willing to exhaust all legal means to do whatever is necessary to restore the Constitution and take this country back from New World Order sociopaths and usurpers.  This is the real war against terrorism that we must fight right here, right now, on American soil.
                                                            Thomas W.  Chittum
Gaithersburg, Maryland
January 2007

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