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and Michael Collins Piper article

Following is a fair sampling of the outstanding full-page four color ads prepared by my daughter, Doneva Mae (Grand Pré) Wolf, for publication in the American Free Press. The enthusiastic response, both in book orders and in numerous letters from patriotic patrons, is exceptionally gratifying.

Doneva is publisher and CEO of Grand Pré Publishers, Ltd., as well as the Editor of Paraglide, the quarterly news magazine of the 82nd Airborne Division Association.

--Donn de Grand Pre

(The Rattler's Revenge, page 584)

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Ad page 2   Barbarians Inside the Gates
  Think Barbarians Inside the Gates
Ad page 4   What Does Pax Americana Mean?
Ad page 5   Did the War Party Plan a "Clash of Civilizations"
Ad page 6   Most Wanted Status
Ad page 7   The Declaration of Independence
Article page 8   "Author Has Antidote for Anti-U.S. Agenda" by MCP

The Rattler's Revenge
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