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eBook Summary: This is the third and last volume of the three volume Barbarians Inside the Gates "snake" series. It contains Volume I within it. Therefore, when one buys Volume II (Viper's Venom) along with Volume III (The Rattler's Revenge), one has everything in the series. Col Grand Pre observes in his Preface:

We have now joined Book I — The Serpent’s Sting, and Book III — The Rattler's Revenge, at the spine and combined these two books. Book I has undergone a process of re-writing, revising and updating, leaving the real meat of those chapters intact, but eliminating some of the outdated or irrelevant material.
Book III constitutes the newest and latest material of some astounding and chilling fact, combined with an autobiographical sketch of the author going back to 1943 when the actual fun and games began. I was 17 at the time, full of vim and vigor, as many of my contemporaries were, and hot to get into the action. “Patriotism” was the “in” thing and there followed a series of actions and activities — many of them classed as “high adventure”, and not a few of them best forgotten as “unmentionable”.
I concentrated on Book III to be a much easier read and often penned it in the first person, sans foot notes and chapter references and indices, which, although necessary for the scholarly researcher, leaves something to be desired for the ordinary avid reader.

This ebook adds on to Volume I, The Serpent's Sting the following: a Preface, the chapters "The New Zionism: A Policy for the United States", "Palestine: A Solution of Its Immediate Problems", "Unlikely Drugbusters", and the sections "What is Monopoly Capitalism?", "Why France Fell", and "Who Controls the Media?".



The Rattler's Revenge
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