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Chapter Two

Our Unstable
Tiered Society

     "The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law." — Aristotle

. . .Multiethnic empires are always tiered, undemocratic societies because it is impossible for empires to be other than tiered, undemocratic societies. Empires are always undemocratic because the diverse peoples making up the empire have nothing in common to serve as the foundation for the empire's laws—no common mythology, no common language, no common culture, no common history, and—most important—no common vision of the empire's future. Therefore, the laws of an empire are always unpopular with most of the empire's subjects, who would certainly either take over the empire's government, or set up their own new nation on a portion of the empire if they could do so democratically. Therefore, the people must be denied democracy in order to hold the empire together and force must be used to keep the resulting undemocratic and unpopular imperial government in power.
. . .Empires are necessarily tiered because a certain group or groups must be given special privileges to enlist their support in the subjugation of the other groups. The more groups an empire has, the more tiers it will have.
. . .Empires have laws, of course, but they're a facade, and massed behind the facade and ever ready to smash the inevitable rebellions of the empire's subjects are the appropriate military formations—the Pretorian Guard of ancient Rome, the Royal British Navy, Hitler's Waffen SS, the KGB and

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MVD internal security forces of Russia, and whatever band of mercenary thugs that will be charged with binding Imperial America together. The cynicism that always accompanies undemocratic, imperial governments promotes corruption, social tiering, militarism, racism, tribalism, and intolerance of all conceivable varieties.
. . .Few geopolitical entities can be neatly described as entirely democratic or imperial, and most exist at some point in the spectrum between the two. Chiefly because of our ongoing demographic transformation, America is now drifting from the democratic, non-racist and nation-like end of the spectrum towards the undemocratic, racist and empire-like end of the spectrum. This ongoing transition has been accompanied by social upheaval and violence, and the future necessarily holds increasing levels of both, culminating in an all-out tribal civil war. This erosion of democracy due to our ongoing demographic transformation into an imperial state is rightly becoming the focus of separatist groups. One such group is the Southern League whose goal is secession and independence for the southern states, nothing less than a second Confederacy. Here's how two of their spokesmen, Mr. Michael Hill and Mr. Thomas Fleming, expressed their concern in an article entitled 'The New Dixie Manifesto" which appeared in The Washington Post

. . . "What had been a genuinely federal union has been turned into a multicultural, continental empire, ruled from Washington by federal agencies and under the thumb of the federal judiciary. And all this is done regardless of the party or ideology that controlled the White House."

. . .Now that America is fast evolving into an undemocratic multiethnic empire, prudent individuals will reflect upon


The Washington Post, "The New Dixie Manifesto", by Michael Hill and Thomas Hemming, October 29, 1995, Section C, p. 3. [The address of the Southern League is PO Box 40910, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404, phone (205) 553-0155.)

what tier they've been assigned to by our politically-correct social engineers. Even nation-like America was a tiered society, and the top tier was always the English-speaking Europeans. They constituted the top tier because they possessed the greatest military power and were not shy about using it, and they possessed the greatest military power for several brutally simple reasons:

First: They were more numerous.
Second: They had, and kept to themselves, the economic
Third: They controlled the political machinery.
Fourth: They mutually recognized each other as co-nation-
  als and considered all others second class citizens, subhu-
mans to be enslaved, or vermin to be rid of.
Fifth: They had privately owned firearms, a final assurance
  that they, both as a group and as individuals, held real
power and rights that even their own government would
dare not tamper with lightly.

. . .Because of these factors, the English-speaking Europeans held the military power in America, and because they held the military power, they formed the uppermost and only significant layer of American society. Now, the balance of real military power is slipping away from the (working-class) English-speaking Europeans because they're fast losing the five underlying advantages that sustained that power. Now, the tiers of our society are being rearranged to reflect their growing or eroding share of the demographic, economic, political, and, ultimately, military power. What are these tiers of the emerging multiethnic American Empire, and what tier have you been assigned to? Some are listed below. I invite you to decide for yourself.

The International Bureaucratic Elite

. . .Somewhere near the very top are the international bureaucratic elites. Currently, there are approximately 37,000 for-

eigners residing in America who are literally above American law. The members of this elite can, and often do, violate American laws including acts of rape and theft without any legal consequences whatsoever. American police cannot arrest them, nor can American courts put them on trial.
. . .Currently, approximately 37,000 resident foreigners enjoy full or partial diplomatic immunity.² Not all are even diplomats. Some are merely servants of diplomats such as chauffeurs. The rights of American citizens have fallen so low and the privileges of the international bureaucratic elites have risen to such heights that even the servants of these international elites may freely assault American citizens without penalty. In fact, if you strike back, the police may arrest you.
. . .Since World War II the number of foreign residents enjoying diplomatic immunity has risen dramatically, both in absolute numbers and relative to the American population. Monitor your daily newspaper for reports of crimes against American citizens committed by members of the diplomatically immune, international bureaucratic elite.
. . .If diplomatic immunity is extended to the administrators of international organizations and treaties such as the United Nations, NAFTA and the International Monetary Fund, we shall have another clear sign that Civil War II is approaching, because it will signal that the members of the international elite are formalizing their power and taking over, and that they will not suffer any interference by American police or courts. Actually, many officials of the United Nations already enjoy diplomatic immunity. This is significant because none of these UN personnel are bona fide diplomats because they have not been sent by one sovereign nation as its representative to another sovereign nation. In theory they are merely international civil servants who have no proper claim whatsoever to traditional diplomatic immunity. In fact,


Chuck Ashman and Pamela Trescott, Diplomatic Crime, Acropolis Books, Ltd., 1987

they've received diplomatic immunity because the UN is an important tool of the New World Order, which needs both an international bureaucracy immune to interference by national police forces, and an international military force sufficient to crush internal rebellions of subject nations, formerly free nations euphemistically known as member states.
. . .Now America is being methodically transformed into a typical third-world basket case of a country, a racially and socially tiered undemocratic society exactly like the ones these third-world bureaucrats come from, so they can pillage this country exactly as they pillage their own countries. To stop the tiering that is tearing our nation apart, our constitution should be amended to absolutely forbid diplomatic immunity to anyone under any circumstances. If that causes some foreign tyrant to break diplomatic relations, then so be it.

The International Super Rich

. . .Another top layer of the emerging American Empire is composed of the international super rich. [3,4] The American super rich are increasingly abandoning their increasingly worthless American citizenship to join the set of the international super rich. Each year, more super-rich Americans renounce their citizenship to avoid paying American taxes. Typically, they become nominal citizens of micro countries where they pay nominal taxes.
. . .Our corrupt American politicians have arranged that these ex-American super rich can still legally reside in America for much of the year by posing as tourists. In effect, the American super rich have bribed our corrupt politicians into exempting them from any taxes whatsoever without any penalty what-


Forbes Magazine, "The New Refugees" by Robert Lenzner and Philippe Mao, November 21, 1994. p. 131
4 Time, November 28, 1994, p. 96

soever except for an extended Caribbean vacation every year. [5]
. . .Watch to see if this new class of ex-American international super-rich turncoats continues to grow, and if they are allowed to come and go as they please. This will indicate that the members of the wealthy and corrupt American establishment are reserving this tax loophole for their future personal use, and that America is that much closer to Civil War II. If they do, then being an American will be a smear (like poor white trash) reserved for a tier of society that is sinking lower and lower in economic and political power and therefore ultimately, military power.

English-speaking White Americans

. . .Eventually, being an American will be meaningless in practical terms, and therefore there will be no point in the continued existence of America at all. Eventually for working-class white Americans, our ethnic group and income level will be our de facto nationality.
. . .The racist euphemism for this systematic dismantling of the rights of English-speaking Europeans is affirmative action. Increasingly, economic opportunities and even legal rights are determined not by your status of being an American citizen or not, but by your ethnic group. Increasingly, government documents require that individuals state their ethnic group. This data is not merely for informational purposes.
. . .The politically-correct social planners have assigned English-speaking Europeans to the very bottom layer of imperial America, and racist affirmative action is the tool they're using to construct their brave new world. Even though racist affirmative action will suffer occasional setbacks, eventually this racist concept will triumph completely. Eventually,


Perhaps we need a law requiring that all wealthy Americans who have renounced their citizenship be permanently banned from reentering America under any circumstances.

the growing minorities and their New Order allies will seize absolute political power and expand racist affirmative action to all areas of everyday life in the new multiethnic American Empire. This racist concept of affirmative action is the single most important test of how close this country is to Civil War II, and it raises questions:

Question 1: What tier of the multiethnic American Empire
  do you think you've been assigned to?
Question 2: Do you personally think your assigned tier is
  rising or sinking in legal rights and economic opportunity?
Question 3: When being an American no longer means
  anything at all, what will you then consider your nation-
ality to be?

. . .These are no mere rhetorical questions. I really want you to think over these three straightforward questions until you've given yourself direct and honest answers. The politically-correct elitists who run the multiethnic American Empire keep telling middle-class, white Americans that they are now whites first and Americans second. Have the imperial elitists seriously considered what will follow when most white Americans actually start to agree with them?

Illegal Aliens

. . .Currently, illegal aliens occupy the very bottom tier of American society. Since most are nonwhite and non-English- speaking, they currently occupy a station lower than their assigned tier in the new politically-correct, undemocratic, multiethnic American empire. Accordingly, means will be found to raise their legal status up to and over that of European, English-speaking Americans.
. . .How will this be done? Our corrupt politicians will grant amnesty to illegal aliens so they can become citizens and receive racist affirmative action special privileges. When our corrupt politicians give amnesty to illegal aliens, it's another

flashing red warning indicator that Civil War II is that much closer. Actually, our corrupt politicians have already granted amnesty to illegal aliens with the Immigration Amnesty Act of 1986. [6,7] This amnesty legalized over 3 million illegal aliens, most of them Mexicans, who are now becoming citizens after the seven year waiting period. Also, in May 1995, President Clinton allowed 20,000 Cubans to legally settle in America. These blacks and Hispanics are now eligible for racist affirmative action special privileges, which you are not if you are white, and these blacks and Hispanics will doubtless be inclined to vote for politicians who favor even more racist affirmative action programs. Also, watch to see if the establishment media drops the term illegal alien and substitutes the politically-correct euphemism, undocumented immigrant.
. . .Watch for more such amnesty acts in the future. There are millions of illegal aliens residing in America, almost all of them nonwhite. Should they be granted citizenship, the cultural and political landscape of this nation will be radically and permanently altered beyond peaceful modification.

American Indians

. . .American Indians are another minority being granted special privileges. They're allowed to build casinos on their reservations on the pretext that these reservations are sovereign nations not subject to American law. If these reservations are sovereign nations, why are the residents allowed to vote in American elections, and why are they allowed to receive welfare?
. . .A group of native Hawaiians who want an independent Hawaii [8] have received multiple grants from the Federal Ad-

6 The Economist, May 20, 1995, p. 29

The New York Times, "Amnesty for Cubans", May 21, 1995, Section
I. p. 8.

International People's Tribunal Articles 9, 10. (Address: Tribunal Komike, 333 Ka'ohinani Dr. Honolulu, HI 96817).

ministration of Native Americans, grants that have added up to approximately one million dollars,[9] to advance their agenda. Their post-independence agenda includes ongoing foreign aid, a century's "back-rent," and unspecified "reparations" from the US government. Non-Hawaiians should note that their agenda makes no absolute guarantee of recognizing the property rights of people who are not native Hawaiians. (If these Hawaiian secessionists would include absolute guarantees of property rights for non-Hawaiians, stop using racist terms like "red-neck," in their literature, and drop their demands for reparations and "back rent," I'd have no serious differences with them. However, that's not the posture they've chosen.)
. . .We all know what sort of reaction white separatists get from Uncle Sam, and it never includes gratuitous million dollar checks. In the case of Randy Weaver's wife, it was a sniper's bullet in the head. When considering euphemisms such as affirmative action, diplomatic immunity and undocumented immigrants―don't think of them merely as mechanisms of convenience used to grant special privileges to minorities and strip English-speaking white Americans of their legal rights. They have a much broader, deeper, and more sinister goal that is not immediately apparent unless examined from the proper perspective―the perspective of Civil War II. That goal is nothing less than destruction of American citizenship and therefore, ultimately, the destruction of America itself.
. . .In multiethnic empires, the concept of citizenship does not have the same meaning of conveying rights as it is commonly understood by Americans. In the multiethnic British Empire, for example, the people were first and primarily subjects of the Crown, which decided what their rights were, based on their ethnic group and social class, not on their status

9 The New York Times, November 8, 1992, National Report, p. 24

of being a British citizen or not. In the multiethnic Soviet Union, the establishment's bureaucracy determined the rights of individuals based on their ethnic group, which was duly stamped on their identity papers, and their membership, or lack of it, in the establishments sole political party.
. . .Now that America is being re-engineered into an undemocratic, multiethnic empire, our concept of citizenship must be (and is being) destroyed, and is being replaced by ethnic group and social class, because the concepts of a multiethnic empire and rights based on citizenship are absolutely and completely incompatible.


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