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to the 2007 ebook edition

by Thomas W. Chittum

The 1996 edition

. . .When I wrote Civil War Two, I was aware that there was a New World Order.  Also, I explicitly blamed the New World Order and its policies for the coming Civil War in America that I predicted in my book.
. . .The big defect in the book was my misunderstanding of the nature of the New World Order. When I wrote my book, I thought the NWO was a sort of common view of the future that was generally shared by the leaders of our society and by most of the upper-middle class. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, I came understand that the NWO is actually a conspiracy of malevolent institutions that are controlled by a hereditary aristocracy, and that the aristocracy’s chief mechanism of control is an international banking cartel based in London. Hence the sudden appearance of the horrible, terrible Osama bin Subcontractor, followed by the rape of Iraq, and quite possibly a nuclear war coming up next.
. . . Furthermore, it became clear that these NWO organizations are intentionally transforming our nation so that they can ignite a civil war here in America. And be aware that this transformation and destruction of America is part of a larger plan. Their ultimate goal is an eternal global empire. This global empire is being constructed in such a manner that the satanic oligarchy will never be overthrown by the majority of the people, who will be reduced to eternal slavery. And yes, they are Satanic. Did you know that the last two presidential candidates belong to a society of ghouls who dig up dead bodies and display the corpses at their headquarters alongside pentagrams and swastikas?
     Unfortunately, the increasingly enslaved people of America do not understand that they are being reduced to a peasant class, and they are ironically promoting their own enslavement because they have been deceived on a massive scale about every aspect of history.
     I am encouraged that my book did provoke some people to take a sober look at the possibility of a second civil war in America. Luckily, my publisher, Bill Fox of America First Books, shares my concerns, and has generously offered to add material to my book. I was pleased and grateful that he did, and I immediately accepted his offer.
     I accepted his offer because he can offer something that I can’t. I am basically a disaffected imperial subject with a long list of complaints. That’s fine for throwing rocks and having pointless fun in a mob, but it isn’t nearly good enough to change the direction of an empire, or even keep it running at all. In contrast, in my opinion Mr. Fox has a lot in common with Marcus Aurelius.  Marcus Aurelius had enough knowledge of the past to have a firm vision of the future, and so does my publisher.  I’m not endorsing either Marcus Aurelius or my publisher. On the other hand, because Mr. Aurelius hasn’t said much for about 2,000 years, and because my well-qualified publisher can, I advise all to pay close attention to what he says.
     As for myself, I think the most practical contribution I can make is to explain how a banking cartel headquartered in London caused our first civil war just as they are setting us up for a second civil war right now.
. . .In my sequel to my book Civil War Two, I will examine how Americans of both the North and the South were either deceived into treason, or were conscious hirelings of this London-based banking cartel. Some higher-ranking traitors to our constitutional republic, like Simon Baruch, an officer in the Confederate army, continued their treason via their offspring. Bernard Baruch was Simon’s son, and he was an important advisor to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In my next book, I will also give much attention to the secret societies that the banking cartel used as their tools to instigate the our first civil war, because the banking cartel is still using secret societies to brew up a second civil war right now. Did you know that Simon Baruch was a founding member of the Ku Klux Klan? If you are curious, you can use a computer search engine to find out what his religion was. Did you know that FDR was a freemason? Did you know that Bernard Baruch was also a freemason?
     We Americans fought our first two major wars against the British. The Civil War was really a war by proxy conducted against us by the British who used their Confederate stooges to do the actual fighting. By 1913 and the establishment of the Federal Reserve System, the banking cartel’s control was so complete that they ordered their re-chained colony to fight Germany on their behalf in World War I.  Since 1913, every major and minor war America has been in has likewise been fought at the insistence of the London banking cartel, and that includes the current and misnamed “Global War on Terrorism.”
     And just for the record, I want to make it perfectly clear to all that I am for establishing a constitutional republic here in a united America, and I want to make it perfectly clear to all that I am against secession. And when I say a constitutional republic, I mean one in which all citizens have a common citizenship, and that means no racist affirmative laws and no racist Jim Crow laws either. No society with a tiered citizenship is a republic, and therefore I cannot make common political cause with any politician or political organization that does not explicitly condemn both affirmative action and Jim Crow Laws.
     Unfortunately, it is abundantly clear that by my definition the chances of establishing a constitutional republic in America are somewhere between zero and a belly laugh, and that means I’m almost certainly wasting my time and yours as well. It’s difficult for me to even pretend that we can establish a constitutional republic. On the other hand, I am totally convinced that anything less will open up the gates of Hell, and culminate in a second civil war that will kill tens of millions, and leave the starving remnants easy pickings for any foreign power that would like a slice of us.
     Having said all of the above, I will sign off advising you all to have a fine time watching our American Armageddon parade past us on the boob tube, and may the Cyclops eat you next to last.

                                                Thomas W. Chittum

Gaithersburg, Maryland
January 2007

Civil War II Cover About the Cover Contents Publisher's Preface
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