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Publisher's Preface

In the last decade since its first publication in 1996, Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America has been validated by macro trends.  It remains both very timely and amazingly accurate within its area of focus.  It remains a major classic on the American Right.
If I were a high school or college teacher of contemporary American studies, I would definitely keep Civil War Two on my reading list.  If I had any concerns at all, it might be that for many newcomers to alternative media, they might require some supplemental reading to help validate for themselves important underlying premises of this work. The following are two examples of such premises.
Firstly, many Americans believe that America’s out of control multiracialism is compatible with advancement towards some kind of multi-ethnic Star Trek-type utopian society, as opposed to the Civil War Two view that promiscuously mingling disparate groups can regress America into a strife-torn Third World jungle. 
Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek’s creator, once commented in an interview that he consciously mixed multiracialism with his futuristic vision to fulfill the leftist ideals of the LBJ Great Society era.  He even pushed for Vulcan “Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations (IDIC),gender equality, and the first interracial TV kiss.  How dare Tom Chittum question the wisdom of a donkey-eared space alien and a Vulcan approach to perpetual peace in our galaxy! 
Secondly, many Americans take literally TV indoctrination that America’s political, media, and financial rulers are rational, well-meaning, and honorable individuals.  They certainly cannot be criminals!  Granted, our rulers often work in mysterious ways, but despite this, every Pollyanna coach potato “knows” that our rulers must feel compassion for the plight of America’s dwindling white middle class.  How dare someone like Tom Chittum suggest otherwise!
Well, dear reader, I also dare to dissent.  To better understand the destructive anti-white racial envy dimension of America’s real rulers, I recommend The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson and no-holds-barred online articles such as “Who Rules America?” and “Who Runs the Media?” by unabashedly pro-white groups. To learn more about the elitists’ criminal gangster characteristics, I recommend Viper’s Venom and Rattler’s Revenge by Col Donn de Grand Pre.  Please also see works by Michael Collins Piper such as Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, The High Priests of War, The Judas Goats, Dirty Secrets, and The New Jerusalem.   In addition, in the “centralized vs. decentralized” article of my online “Resolving Opposing Ideologies” series I discuss libertarian explanations regarding why increasingly centralized economic and political systems in America encourage the rise of bad people to the top. In my mutualism vs. parasitism section I describe why they are often sociopathic, if not downright evil. Lastly, in my environmental vs. genetics section I discuss the evolutionary origins, function and genetic basis of racism and tribalism, and Dr. E. Raymond Hall's argument in his landmark article “Zoological Subspecies of Man” that racial separatism is found widely across virtually all mammalian species in the state of nature in addition to the races of homo sapiens.
Combine this supplemental reading with the fact that in the November 2006 elections almost none of the political candidates openly and squarely addressed any of the major topics I raise in my “Critical Issues discussion (eg. out of control Third World immigration, debt explosion, hyperinflation, loss of industrial base, depleted uranium genocide, demographic “Death of the West” trend, Israeli treachery, and suppression of civil liberties), and one can more easily grasp why America is sleepwalking towards disaster.
Please do not get the erroneous impression that Tom Chittum actually wants another major civil war for America.  In his 7 Sept 2006 appearance on Michael Collins Piper’s Republic Broadcasting Network talk show, Mr. Chittum said that he would want to avoid such a war if possible.  War is usually a very terrible thing, often with many unintended consequences.  There is always a big risk that malevolent alien interests could re-supply and play off different groups against each other and ultimately bleed major portions of America white.  Even if secessionism becomes the best alternative for major parts of America, employing nonviolent means is usually the best (or least bad) way to go.  Nevertheless, one must still realistically address Civil War Two scenarios as a necessary first step towards damage-controlling them or heading them off.
Tom Chittum’s second work, Sgt Skull’s Field Manual (also carried by America First Books as an ebook) looks at the self-destructive imperial folly of America in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Mr. Chittum makes comparisons based upon his own experience as a grunt in Vietnam. Among other things, we see how whites still fail to effectively assert their own national, cultural, and group genetic interests in the face of New World Order manipulation. 
I cannot help but reflect upon a very different and fictionalized depiction of white reaction created by the late Dr. William Pierce (writing as Andrew MacDonald) in The Turner DiariesThere is an important irony involved here worth mentioning.
Dr. Pierce wrote about a fictional protagonist named Earl Turner who participates in an imaginary, centrally directed, all-out white revolutionary effort to destabilize and ultimately bring down an anti-white, Zionist-controlled U.S. Government once it seeks to confiscate all privately owned firearms.
The irony here is that in the last ten years the Feds and their Zionist neocon handlers have done far more damage to themselves through their own hubris, corruption, greed, and stupidity than any moderately-sized white patriot insurgent army of Earl Turners ever could.
While the real life American pro-white right has generally been nonviolent and well-behaved during the last decade, the Bush-Zionist-Neocon Axis of Deception has launched aggressive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on false pretexts, wasted another two trillion dollars of taxpayer’s money (while America is already in an early phase of de facto bankruptcy), covered up 9-11 synthetic terrorism (more on this later), promoted torture, suppressed American civil liberties under the guise of the so-called “Patriot Act” and myriad other “security”-related deceptions, dumped over two thousand tons of depleted uranium on hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians as well as on vast numbers of our own troops, and has perpetrated many other evils that would require volumes of war criminal indictments and court evidence to cover.
We have overwhelming evidence that 9-11 was an inside job involving remotely piloted aircraft and controlled demolitions pre-planted inside the World Trade Center buildings.  Col Donn de Grand Pre points this out in Viper’s Venom and Rattler’s Revenge.  Please watch Loose Change online and also see my site map and audio archive listings regarding other sources covering 9-11 treason and government deceptions.
Combine all this with the Zionist neocon agenda to overextend America further by attacking Iran, Syria, and who knows who else in the Middle East (please see the columns of Justin Raimondo at for the latest details), and America could feasibly “Stalingrad” itself overseas.  Then, as I note in my “Critical Issues” graphs, America might suffer economic implosion here at home.
One almost needs to ask what America is not doing to set the stage for Civil War Two? 
In such a poisonous political climate, the U.S. Government and its Zionist handlers will likely breed their own ferocious domestic enemies.  We have already seen their “You are either with us or against us” arrogance.  We have observed their use of “synthetic terrorism” to artificially suppress civil liberties.  We have also seen how imperial hubris and the bogus “War on Terror” have vastly multiplied rather than reduced the number of virulently anti-American militants in the Middle East.  Lastly, in the article “Political Blogging As Hate Crime” by Kurt Nimmo, we see strenuous efforts by well-funded Jewish groups such as the ADL to censor the Internet at a time when openness and honesty is needed more than ever to intelligently diagnose and peacefully sort out America’s problems.
In the long run, low cunning often outwits itself.  Instead of all this intrigue, it would be great if the wise guys at the top could focus upon manufacturing globally competitive goods of increasing quality at lower costs.  It would also help if they could improve American industrial infrastructure and create jobs at home rather than gorge themselves on blood money by deceiving and playing groups off against each other around the world.
To better understand false flag operations, agents provocateurs actions, and other corrupt elitist games, I recommend the book 9/11: Synthetic Terror: Made In USA by Webster Tarpley and the online video Terror Storm by Alex Jones. To better understand how both the government and financial elites have been lying to the public through their teeth for nearly a century, I also strongly recommend the online video “America: From Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo that has also been playing in theaters around the country.  Please also see the online video titled Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve that explains how elitists got their hands on unlimited funds that they have used to spread corruption throughout America. While all of the aforementioned sources are shy about explicitly identifying the critical role of totalitarian Zionist power, they are still a good start for the neophyte.
In ancient Rome, civil wars emanated from fissures at the top as well as from demographic changes in the bottom strata of society.  We are seeing a similar pattern develop here in America.  As ancient Rome transitioned from a limited Republic based upon a fairly homogeneous and largely middle class population of Nordic and Celtic-descended free farmers to an imperial, stratified, multiethnic, multiracial, urbanized, plantation order, the increasing levels of centralized power, combined with greater deviation from core conservative values that accompanied the rise of greater racial and class alienation, fostered tremendous amounts of centralized corruption and intrigue.  The top people became so faithless, diverse,  and self-serving that they frequently despised each other enough to literally cut each other’s throats. 
As three examples of top rot here in America in recent history, simply take a hard look at the strong evidence discussed in my Critical Issues article for top insider turf battles behind the September 2001 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center Towers, the April 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, and the November 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Last, but not least, I wish to address another important dimension.  From a very long-term historical perspective, the viewpoint of Civil War Two is not “extremist,” contrary to the obvious first impression probably held by many political correctness-indoctrinated readers.
Throughout the colonial period, American Revolution, and early 1800’s, America was highly decentralized, with exceptionally little central government and bureaucracy by European standards.  Americans back then were highly self-sufficient.  They had a large middle class with strong northern European ethnic commonalities.  I discuss all this in greater detail in my aforementioned “centralized vs. decentralized” discussion. 
We are now being thrust towards a Civil War Two situation because most white Americans in the 20th century got seduced by alien, greedy, and monopolistic interests into foolishly abandoning their local self-sufficiency, European ancestral identity, and traditional American conservative values and safeguards — proven systems I might add — in exchange for the highly leveraged, artificial, and still “unproven” imperial experiment that we call America today. 
It is today’s rotten mess that is extreme, not 19th century America when the country enjoyed unparalleled growth in manufacturing self-sufficiency and steadily rising general prosperity.  America had a reasonably stable 90% European-descended racial demographic base that was originally overwhelmingly White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.  It’s hard money financial system decentralized power out of the hands of politicians and central bankers and tilted it towards the pockets of private citizens. This society provided an abundance of genuine personal liberty for its voting citizens.  Most of America’s leaders tended to be honorable, thoughtful men rooted in the best traditions of Western Civilization, unlike the greedy wise guys who infest our society today.
In many important ways, Tom Chittum’s Civil War Two is consistent with the pro-decentralization philosophical outlook of the Kentucky Resolutions penned by Thomas Jefferson in 1798 to assert States’ Rights in defiance of the tyrannical Alien and Sedition Acts.  It is also consistent with anti-Federalist speeches delivered by Patrick Henry, when he warned the Virginia legislature against ratifying the proposed U.S. Constitution in the name of preserving greater state sovereignty under the Articles of Confederation.
It bears reemphasizing that like their pioneer ancestors who once faced a brutal frontier, real Americans must strenuously reorganize and re-empower themselves at the grass roots level.  This includes rebuilding solidly pro-white ethnic communities with indigenous white cultural and ancestral identities. However, this time around, rather than fighting Indians, they must fight economic parasitism and subversion of culture, race, and nation by self-anointed national media leaders, central bankers, and New World Order front men.
As Americans struggle to recover much of value that has been stolen from them and tossed down the memory hole, it is an honor for America First Books to reintroduce Tom Chittum’s out-of-print classic to the public in ebook form.

                                                                   William B. Fox

Vancouver, Washington
January 2007     


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