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About the cover of this edition
by William B. Fox, January 2007

The September 11, 2001 photo on the cover shows elements that will become all too familiar once “Civil War Two” turns hot. We see smoldering buildings in a major American central business district with even more shocking surprise destruction ahead. We also see contempt for the traditional American values embodied within the Statue of Liberty in the foreground. Lastly, we see self-destructive intrigue stemming from the highest levels of power in America.

As the author mentions in his Foreword, and as I also explain in my Preface, the 9-11 World Trade Center attacks were in all probability an inside, controlled-demolition job reflecting extreme intrigue and corruption at the highest levels.

Once the reader accepts this premise, then the 9-11 tragedy becomes a backhanded validation of Tom Chittum’s Civil War Two thesis. In essence, America’s ruling elite believes that America’s underlying structural problems have become so serious that they must now stage major agents provocateurs actions to desperately buy time and divert public attention away from their culpability in creating these problems in the first place. Wagging the dog becomes especially tempting when they can sweeten their neocon political schemes by grabbing oil reserves in the Middle East. They also drool over hobbling Middle Eastern nations standing in the way of Greater Israel.

America has actually suffered various forms of subtle “Civil War Two” for decades. As some examples, America’s corrupt ruling elite no longer reinvests in America, but instead has off-shored over 60% of America’s industrial base in the last few decades (please see Eamonn Fingleton’s In Praise of Hard Industries for why manufacturing must be maintained at about one third of GDP in order to support a healthy domestic economy). They have dispossessed America’s dwindling white middle class with affirmative action laws and out of control Third World immigration. They have also saddled America with exponentially exploding debt and banking derivatives that Bill Bonner recently estimated to be 30 times the size of the U.S. economy. Lastly, the controlled national media has routinely lied through omission as well as commission about everything from the John F. Kennedy assassination cover-up and depleted uranium to racial realities and political correctness interpretations of European history. These kinds of actions are not only very selfish and short-sighted, but they are also inherently hostile, because they steal from America’s beleaguered white middle class its prosperity, self-sufficiency, cultural identity and future.

In summary, the 9-11 cover picture depicts a terrible socio-political backdraft situation. Now it is only a matter of time before all of this accumulated internal theft, deception, and other types of quiet hostility rapidly convert “Civil War Two” from its various smoldering passive-aggressive forms into the version prophesied by Mr. Chittum that may run very hot indeed.



Civil War II Cover About the Cover Contents Publisher's Preface
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