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Part One — The Past as Prologue, concentrates on a series of personal interviews, all with a direct bearing on certain selected momentous events.These personal interviews emphasize the fact that they are all of a set piece, namely a preliminary act or event, now past, yet, whose dramatic performance is yet to come.

Former Pentagon Official Says “No-Win Wars”
Part of Global Government Plan

. . .A revealing background in international political subversion, global power politics, weapons sales, and the strange ties of Zionism to Britain, Bolshevism and the Third Reich were discussed on three consecutive broadcasts of the weekly call-in talk forum, Radio Free America, with Tom Valentine as host, (March 2001).

. . .The guest was former high-ranking Pentagon official Col. Donn de Grand Pré, author of the new book Barbarians Inside the Gates: The Black Book of Bolshevism.

. . .What follows is a three-part edited transcript with Grand Pré, covering three separate interviews. Valentine’s questions are in boldface. Grand Pré’s responses are in regular text.

Valentine: You have a very interesting background and were well-poised to write a book like Barbarians Inside the Gates. The Washington Post Magazine wrote about you on Sept. 30, 1979 and told its readers:

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. . .“If you had been a Middle Eastern ruler in the 1970s in search of American weapons systems, you would have called Donn de Grand Pré, Pentagon arms peddler. These days the former arms salesman farms in Virginia and says weapon proliferation is out of control."

. . .Tell us a bit about your background.

Grand Pré: I started out as a farm boy up in North Dakota. In my youth I ended up in Burma and China as an 18-year-old Morse Code radio operator during World War II in the area that is now called the Golden Triangle. I came home in late 1945 and started flying privately and going to college. Then I wrangled a commission, just in time to be called back to duty for the Korean debacle, which was called a “police action.” I was a paratrooper and combat troop commander. I was wounded, and then became an intelligence officer. Then I was wounded again and shipped home in 1953. 1 spent two years recuperating and finishing my degree.

. . .I got a job as a night editor at a daily newspaper and learned how to write “tight”. I was very fortunate, in school, that I had Professor E.C. Blackorby as my main political instructor. He was an expert on the Middle East and he taught me something called geopolitics — the politics of geographic location — that stuck with me and stood me in good stead when I returned to active duty. I ended up on the staff of the Army chief of staff in the Pentagon.

. . .I became deputy chief of the international division by that time, and Secretary of Defense Bob McNamara was chief honcho then. He liked my geopolitical approach and put me in the office of John McNaughton, who was assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs. He appointed me director of ground weapons systems and turned me into an international arms negotiator.

. . .I spent much of my time flying over to the Middle East/South Asia... such countries as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Morocco. I

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worked those countries and delighted in what my mission was: to negotiate with the heads of state for the sale of millions of dollars worth of military equipment, arms,ammunition, radar. You name it — we sold it. We went into those countries and negotiated government-to-government contracts. Then, our industrial colleagues in the private sector would do an industry-to-country back-up contract.

. . .For example, I sold C-130 aircraft to Morocco. A C-130 representative from Lockheed would be on hand and after I was done negotiating with King Hassan, the Lockheed rep would come in and negotiate the back-up contract to deliver the goods and the spare parts. So it was the “military-industrial complex” and it was very exciting.

Valentine:You put this background to very good use in writing Barbarians Inside the Gates. You have an inside understanding of how power politics works in the modern world.

Grand Pré: I wrote the book from the standpoint of a military man, since most of my life was spent in the military. Most military men know their job, whatever it happens to be. However, very few military men (and this includes their civilian bosses in the Pentagon) understand the question of geopolitics. It is nothing more than the financial, political, economic impact of geographic location. The military has the role of enforcing foreign affairs.

. . .Because I had a pretty good grasp of geopolitics, I was pulled up into the office of the secretary of defense. I understood the ideologies behind geopolitics, but many people are confused by this question of ideology. Geopolitical ideologies deal with territory and power.

. . .We must be aware — especially in the Middle East today — of something known as “hegemony”, that is, leadership, or dominance over a particular area.The chief problem in the Middle East today is that the Israelis have their mind set on being the hegemonic power in the Middle East.

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. . .There are several ideologies behind hegemonic thinking. There is Pan-Americanism: America for the Americans! We are no longer under that ideology that came with the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, when we said to the European powers — especially the sea-going nations — you keep out of American affairs and we will keep out of European affairs. Then, with the coming of FDR in 1933, we gave up on Pan- Americanism and lost control of our foreign policy.

. . .There is this secret ideology of international finance centered in that area known as “The City of London”— the global financial capitalists based in a small area inside London, England. That secret ideology has taken the place of Pan-Americanism, due largely to the fact that the United States signed on to the Federal Reserve System in 1913, and now we have this international financial system integrated into the United States and dominated by the City of London financial groups.

. . .There is also the ideology of Pan-Slavism. When the Bolsheviks took over in 1917-1921, they expanded the scope of Pan-Slavism and broadened it to include world control. We now find ourselves with no Pan-Americanism nor Pan-Slavism, substituting the ideology of International Finance and International Zionism, and virtually destroying not only the Constitution, but our very way of life.

. . .Another ideology was Pan-Germanism. Germany, of course, was never a threat to the United States. The ideology of Pan-Germanism was based on control of the heartland of Europe. The Versailles Treaty chopped Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire to pieces.

. . .The fifth ideology is “Asia for the Asiatics.” Initially, Japan dominated, but it looks as though Red China is going to replace Japan as the hegemonic power.

Valentine: What are the seven levers of power?

Grand Pré: Coupled with the five ideologies are the seven classic, crit-

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ical levers of power. Any group wanting to seek domination over any government anywhere must grab for those seven levers of power. With absolute control of these seven levers, they will then obtain total despotic power over the citizens of any given country. It applies to the little state of Israel or to the giant United States of America.

. . .Not that long ago, we saw Bill and Hillary Clinton grasping for these seven critical levers of power and almost getting all of them into their grasp. The primary lever of power is money — finance, banking, investment, monetary distribution. The next is media, which has been totally monopolized by one ethnic group. The third is muscle, concentrated in the military. The next lever is markets — exports, imports, distribution of goods. Then we have mind control — mainly propaganda, public opinion and education. The medical lever is also important, taking in hospitals, doctors, and the insurance industry.

. . .Hillary Clinton moved in this area — the medical — and pretty much failed the test. The Clintons also fell down in the military area. For example, I was back-channeling with a lot of military people during the 78 days of bombing in Kosovo and they were close to mutiny.

. . .There is a note of optimism. I still associate with a lot of military people in the hierarchy. After the debacle in Kosovo, where Clinton was throwing cruise missiles around at sovereign nations, about 70 percent of the military are now in our corner. The fundamental leadership in the military is with us.

. . .The other lever of power that the Clintons got a handle on was morals — including our culture, our mores, our religious beliefs.

Valentine: The SPOTLIGHT newspaper has a special report on Cultural Communism and how this ideology, a subset of classical Bolshevism, works to destroy American traditions.

Grand Pré: They do it on a daily basis, particularly with the kids in school. Kids are bombarded daily by the mainline media. In my new

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book, I have a chapter entitled “Understanding Propaganda in Public Opinion”, in which I mention Walter Lippmann’s book, Public Opinion, which showed how the British manipulated American opinion following World War I. Edward Bernays, who was Lippmann’s accomplice, wrote a book called Propaganda in the late 1920s. It deals with manipulation of the mind on a mass scale.

Valentine: Working for the Pentagon, you had a great deal of experience in the middle East and have pinpointed the role of Zionism — the political movement behind the state of Israel and its power in the world today — as one of those “barbarians inside the gates.”

Grand Pré: Before the actual foundation of the state of Israel in 1948, there was actually a Zionist nation. In 1902, Theodore Herzl, the godfather of the state of Israel, was talking to a member of the House of Lords in the British Parliament. He said,

. . .“I’ll give you my definition of a nation and you can add the adjective Jewish. A nation is in my mind an historic group of men of a recognizable cohesion, held together by a common enemy. That is my view of a nation If you add to that the word Jewish you have what I understand to be the Jewish nation.”

. . .Then, in 1897, in conjunction with another Jewish intellectual named Chaim Weisman, Herzl formed the international Zionist political movement. They also joined forces in England with Fabian Socialism. This is what I call the barbarians inside the gates. In Britain, it is called British Israelism. This goes back in history.

. . .You’ll remember the English civil war when Oliver Cromwell set out to murder the monarch, Charles I, and to destroy the Anglican Church. It was Cromwell who invited the Jews back into England. The Jews had been banished from England in 1290 and it wasn’t until 350 years later that Cromwell invited them back. He specifi-

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cally invited Rabbi Manassah ben Israel of Holland. This led to establishment of the Bank of England in 1694, and with that combine, under British Israelism, we had the build-up of this vast British empire that developed.

Valentine: The British empire looted India and Pakistan for 150 years and this is what financed its worldwide expansion.

Grand Pré: That’s correct. The British also subverted China with opium. And a lot of our New England wealth came out of this, including such families as the Roosevelts and the Delanos.

. . .However, let’s return to the origins of Zionism. The Sixth Zionist Congress convened at Basel, Switzerland, in 1903. The main speaker at that event was Dr. Max Nordau. He said: “that great progressive power, England, in sympathy for our people, offered the Jewish nation an autonomous colony in Uganda. While it was not Palestine, nothing is so valuable as amicable relations with such a power as England. Thus, he encouraged them to accept the offer to create a precedent in their favor.”

. . .He pointed out that they stood before a tremendous upheaval of the whole world, that soon a world congress would be called, and that England could continue the work it had begun with its generous offer to the Sixth Zionist Congress.

. . .He was talking about a future world war and a peace congress to follow. This was in 1903 and he was talking — in advance — about a World War and the (Versailles) Treaty, and saying that a Jewish Palestine would be created as a result.

. . .There were several Americans who attended that Zionist Congress. One of them was Litman Rosenthal. Later, in 1919 Rosenthal also published an article by a former New York Governor, Martin Glynn, in which Glynn described the murder of six million European Jews in “the great war” [World War I—Ed.].

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Valentine: Yes, that’s right. The special “all Holocaust” issue of the bimonthly history magazine, The Barnes Review, points out the story that six million Jews were also killed in World War I.

Grand Pré: However, the people of the United States rejected the League of Nations (the peace congress), and a Jewish state did not materialize in Palestine as they wanted. They needed another war to bring in what I call the “Jewish sympathy factor”. There were many other reasons why World War II came about.

. . .But, here’s the linkage between International Zionism and Fabian Socialism: the British Israelism factor. These are the people who instigated the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty was designed to destroy Germany as a power in central Europe and make it ripe for Bolshevization.

. . .At the same time, the Czarist monarchy in Russia was being raped by the Bolsheviks. This paved the way for the eternal Zionist dream of global conquest by controlling what earlier was called “the League to Enforce Peace.”

Valentine: Few people realize that the Versailles treaty was actually designed with the ultimate aim of allowing Bolshevism to move into Europe unimpeded.

Grand Pré: That was done in conjunction with the destruction of Germany and the takeover of Russia in its entirety. Following this infamous treaty, the German middle class was reduced to beggary by the devaluation of the mark. For example, in the 1920s, it cost 6,000 marks to buy a two-cent stamp. It cost 50,000 marks for one egg.

. . .At that time there was a minister in the cabinet of the Weimar Republic, who threw open the borders of Germany for the unrestricted immigration of Jews from Lithuania and Poland.They joined forces

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with Jewish profiteers in Germany who bought up land, newspapers, family heirlooms, businesses, art treasures, for two cents on the dollar.

. . .This ties into the movement to establish a Zionist presence in Palestine. There was a secret alliance between International Zionism and the top echelons of National Socialism (or what we know as “Nazism”) in Germany. This alliance was kept secret for a long time.

. . .The Jewish nation, represented by certain people out of the Zionist movement, formulated an agreement with Hitler and the National Socialists. Both the National Socialists and the Zionists wanted the Jews out of Germany. The Zionists wanted them to go to Palestine to live in a Jewish homeland. Zionist leaders from Palestine came to Berlin and met with National Socialist leaders. This arrangement was known as the Transfer Agreement.

. . .This Transfer Agreement allowed for Jewish money to be transferred out of Germany to a bank in Tel Aviv where the Zionists could draw their money out to establish themselves in Palestine.

. . .Now we hear unendingly about Hitler’s “Final Solution” and the talk about “extermination”; and yet, if you look at the documents, no document has ever been unearthed that spoke of the final solution, nor of extermination.

Valentine: So, how did the Zionists get so strong in Palestine?

Grand Pré: In 1944 there were a little more than a million Arabs in Palestine. The Arab Christians numbered 135,000. However, by steady colonization over a 20-year period, the Jewish population increased from 80,000 in 1924 to over 528,000 by 1944. Lord Rothschild had initially financed the infiltration by purchasing key land from Arab owners in Palestine. However, the vast majority of the increase in the Jewish population came from the work of the Jewish Irgun working with the Third Reich.

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. . .In 1945 the World Jewish Congress met in London at the end of World War II; they wanted the abrogation of what was known as the Palestine White Paper. In 1939, Britain, which had the mandate over Palestine, said that no more Jews should be coming into Palestine. So the World Jewish Congress wanted to abrogate that.

Valentine: It’s interesting that the British started the whole thing, but then turned around and tried to prohibit any further Jews from going to Palestine.

Grand Pré: By 1946 the Zionists instituted what they called “the terror”. Because the British would not let the Jews go into Palestine, they launched bombings, assassinations, and other criminal activities against the British. This was the work of the Irgun, led by Menachem Begin. In July of 1946, Begin blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem where the British military headquarters was located. Ninety-one people were killed, 45 injured.

. . .As a concession to the World Jewish Congress, 100,000 immigration certificates for European Jews were issued. So the use of terrorism accrued to the benefit of the Zionists…as it usually does…Terrorism works!

. . .In October 1946, President Truman urged the release of the 100,000 certificates so that an adequate area could be established in Palestine for the Zionists.Truman wasn’t prepared to support giving the whole of Palestine to the Zionists, but he wanted them to have a part of it.

. . .This led to the Holy Land becoming an armed camp. The Stern Gang joined the Irgun; they killed Lord Moyne, the British executive in Palestine, and by 1947 the World Jewish Congress sent a memo demanding a Zionist state in Palestine; sure enough, they got it.

. . .By 1947 the United Nations was embryonic. The Arabs turned to the UN, which asked for a democratic, secular state in Palestine with

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equal rights for all of its inhabitants. In fact, up until the beginning of World War II, the Arabs in Palestine lived in close proximity and worked side-by-side with Jews in Palestine, but the Eastern European Zionists turned that arrangement on its head through the use of terrorism.

. . .You may recall the Deir Yassin massacre under Menachem Begin, who orchestrated the slaughter of the entire population of 250 men, women and children. They called this a “masterpiece of military tactics.”

. . .The Zionists were not content with what the UN allotted them. The UN wanted to split Palestine in two and let the Palestinians have one half, but the Zionists didn’t want that. In fact, they want it all…and are fast getting it all.

Valentine: What was the role of Golda Meir in all this?

. . .The late Jack Bernstein wrote a book, The Life of An American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel. He was an American Jew,who went to Israel and became disillusioned. In his book, he wrote of the Meir-Stalin- Kaganovich pact. Golda Meir (Meyersohn) was the Wisconsin-raised Israeli Ambassador to Soviet Russia.

. . .This astounding top-secret pact between the Israelis and the Soviets held that (1) the United States or any Western country would not be able to build any military bases on Israeli territory; (2) an official Communist Party would be allowed to function in Israel; and (3) there would never be any attempt by the Soviets to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but would always support Western powers favoring Israel over the Arabs. Israel would continue its Marxist economic policies.

. . .The Soviets instituted a “pro-Arab” policy as a camouflage. The true Soviet intention was to furnish military aid to the Arabs that

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would never be enough for them to destroy Israel. They would encourage Jewish emigration to Israel from Soviet satellite countries and would allow immigration of Soviet Jews to Israel. There would also be a free exchange of intelligence from Israel to the Soviets and vice versa.

. . .During the months leading up to the Yom Kippur War in October1973, I spent most of that time in Kuwait and Pakistan. I saw the war coming, just as everyone else in government hierarchies did, but the Israelis claimed that they were “taken by surprise” on this their holiest day.

Valentine: The Arabs were tricked into attacking the Israelis and they got clobbered.

Grand Pré: The United States had the 82nd Airborne ready to go. The Soviets had troops, ostensibly to go in, but they didn’t go in. Then, Henry Kissinger moved in and started his negotiations. It was a charade and continues to be.

. . .Today, Ariel Sharon is a strong believer in Bolshevik terror tactics. He is a true war hawk, and his Likud Party goal is the expansion of Israel to what they call its “Biblical borders.” Bolshevism’s principle doctrine is that the end justifies the means and this goes back to the Illuminati.

Valentine: Your book contends that there is war against America and that we are losing. Who is waging war against us?

Grand Pré: We are not only losing the war, but we are losing our country. Dr.Thomas Sowell addressed this question when he said, “The barbarians are not at the gates. They are inside the gates and have academic tenure, judicial appointments, government grants and control of the movies, television and the other media.” He also said: “The question of the hour and of the next century is whether all of this can be turned around.”

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. . .So we come to my book. In a nutshell, what Sowell said is what Barbarians Inside the Gates is all about. It defines, chapter by chapter, the progression of the takeover of our country by an alien force which has infiltrated into the highest offices of the land and is, in effect, stealing our patrimony. The Zionists today now control most of the policymaking positions.

Valentine: What you’ve put in your fascinating book goes hand in hand with what one of your former colleagues in the Pentagon, Col. Fletcher Prouty, had to say in his book and in some 32 appearances here over the years on Radio Free America.

Grand Pré: I appreciate you mentioning Prouty. He and I were both working for the office of the Secretary of Defense in the 1960s. Fletcher was the liaison, in the latter years, between the CIA and the Pentagon. I was in the international division working directly for Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara under General Bob York. Fletcher had such a grasp on what was happening. He and I were in sync on many things. He knew what was happening with Vietnam.

. . .I had been badly wounded in the war in Korea and as such I was now stationed in the Pentagon, kind of side-tracked for a while…I had become a geopolitician of sorts, and McNamara knew this. So, while some of my colleagues were over fighting this no-win war in Vietnam, I was pretty much up at the highest levels in the Pentagon, watching all the Harvard scholars and the Rhodes Scholars run our military into the ground in French Indochina, better known as Vietnam. Fletcher Prouty was there in the Pentagon, too, and he has written eloquently about all of this.

Valentine: Your book contends that high-level international financial interests driven by power and profit, in league with the forces of Zionism and Bolshevism, in a wide-ranging number of areas, are working to gain control of the world and are responsible for many of the upheavals throughout the

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globe today.

Grand Pré: This is so true. If I could just go back in time, because I think it’s highly pertinent to what happened in 1963. I’m not particularly talking about the assassination of President Kennedy, I’m talking about what happened with my boss, Secretary of Defense McNamara. He commissioned a study to be done. It was later generally known as the “Report from Iron Mountain.”

. . .At that time, around April 1963, I was working for a marvelous officer, a hero of World War II, General Bob York, the chief of the International Division. It was in April that President Kennedy called General York to the White House and said, “Hey, Bob, I want you to go over to Vietnam and find out what’s going on. I’m getting different reports, and I’m not sure what’s really going on.”

. . .So Bob York went over for about six weeks and while he was gone, this study materialized. Later in 1966 it was released. However, this was a top secret study.

Valentine: Leonard Lewin, who wrote a book about that study, published under the title The Report From Iron Mountain, later tried to claim that the book was simply satirical fiction that purportedly poked fun at the think tank mentality affecting policy makers at the Pentagon.

Grand Pré: Yes, but I know that it wasn’t. I was there. Let me give you one of the scenarios from that particular study. One of the policy makers that I was associated with at the time — for good or for ill — was Henry Kissinger.

. . .At that time, Henry was an untenured professor at Harvard University; he was also working for the Operations Research Office at the Pentagon, which was paying him a stipend for that work. Simultaneously, Henry was also working for the Council on Foreign

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Relations under Nelson Rockefeller.

. . .Henry would come into the Pentagon and since my boss, General York, was his contact there, I became Henry’s contact. It evolved into informal luncheons where Kissinger would come down from the Hudson Institute, which is close to Iron Mountain, where he and 14 others were working on this study. Henry was a little bit reluctant to talk about this study, but he gave us enough information to enable us to realize that there was such a study going on. It lasted anywhere from eight to ten months.

. . .During these luncheons, Henry was accompanied by Fritz Kramer, who had been with Henry in the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in the Army in Germany after World War II. Kramer was a German with a marvelous sense of humor and a German accent. Henry cultivated his own German accent. Henry was an enigma. Another fellow, who would join us, was a young Army colonel named Alexander Haig. Of course, both Kissinger and Haig later became secretaries of state. They hated each other’s guts, but here they were breaking bread together.

. . .At any rate, I picked up a lot of information at that time and I reflected on it at a later date. I know that Helmut Sonnenfeldt, another alien from Germany, who had also been a CIC agent in Germany (and who, by the way, along with Henry Kissinger had been a secret Soviet agent), was also involved in that study. The Iron Mountain study was not fiction, by any means.

. . .The overall purpose of the study was to analyze different ways a government can perpetuate itself in power, control its citizens and prevent them from rebelling. The major conclusion was that, in the past, war was the only reliable means to achieve their goal. Remember, this study was in the process of being formulated in early 1963. Kissinger’s intellectual buddies from Harvard, and also from Yale, were already formulating this no-win war in Vietnam.

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. . .In any event in June 1963, Bob York came back from Vietnam and made his report to JFK. He recommended that we pull all of our forces out of Vietnam. A National Security Memorandum numbered 263, was issued by JFK to that effect, stating that all troops would be pulled out of Vietnam. This came out in October 1963, a month before the power elite killed him. NSM 263 specified that 1,000 troops would be pulled out by Christmas of that year.

Valentine: As I recall, Prouty said that there were only 16,000 total U.S. forces in Vietnam. We didn’t have any combat troops there at all. There were about 2,000 advisors who were Special Forces Green Beret men. NSM 263 said that everybody would be out of Vietnam by no later than 1965. Fletcher Prouty is convinced that this was one of the things that sparked the plot to kill President Kennedy.

Grand Pré: It was; I’m positive of that. I not only get that from Fletcher Prouty. This is what led to the assassination of the president by the Establishment — what I call the “money power”. This included elements within the CIA. Besides Prouty, we have Michael Collins Piper’s book, Final Judgment (which implicates Israel’s Mossad alongside the CIA in the assassination). A wonderful book.

. . .JFK also had two other things that he planned to do. He was going to break the CIA into a thousand pieces. A lot of people, including my boss, General York, had the ear of JFK and they looked upon the CIA, which was formed in 1947, as a direct slap in the face of the military services. The CIA spooks come in as a fourth service and subverted the intelligence-gathering capabilities of the military services. They continue, unabated, to do it.

Valentine: Final Judgment reiterates your theme that the international Zionist forces were effectively killing several birds with one stone. They were fomenting these little wars so that their one-world United Nations could take charge and they

[Viper's Venom ebook page 30]

were getting rid of Kennedy on behalf of Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion, who was angry because JFK was trying to prevent Israel from building the nuclear bomb, which was the very cornerstone of Israel’s foreign and military policy.

Grand Pré: Piper does a terrific job with that book. Later, the ethnic upsurges in the Balkans and of the Kurds in Iraq were also instigated by Henry Kissinger and his group called Kissinger Associates, a private consulting firm that he started after he left the State Department and the post of national security advisor.

. . .One of his colleagues in Kissinger Associates is Lawrence Eagleburger (who also served as secretary of state under George Bush). He was another enigma. I know him well…Eagleburger from Wisconsin. He had been a State Department economist down in Honduras and came over to the Pentagon. He was very arrogant and it was very fitting that he and Kissinger got together.

. . .Lord Carrington and Lord Owen from Britain were also part of Kissinger’s operation.They are the people who actually fomented the ethnic upsurges in the Balkans, using British intelligence operatives, who went in just like we used Delta Force or CIA operatives.You had religious and ethnic differences and they were cultivated and pitted against one another.

Valentine: Thus, all of this gives NATO and the United Nations the opportunity to move in and attempt to “solve” the problem, but what they really do is worsen the problem.

Grand Pré: Well, I was still in the Pentagon when Secretary of Defense McNamara finally got a bellyful of what was going on in Vietnam.

. . .He had a lovely wife — Margaret — who had cancer and she died. We saw McNamara just about fall apart. He resigned and they pulled in Clark Clifford to the defense post for a short while.

Note from America First Books Editor: This is the end of the online sample ebook excerpt, but it is not the end of the full interview inside Viper's Venom by Tom Valentine with Col Donn de Grand Pre. This interview continues on to page 46 of the ebook.


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