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. . .First, we must get a better public glimpse of a gestapo-like organization that has spread its tentacles throughout every state, city, county and crossroads hamlet in this great Republic. The military intelligence services have long known in private how this “KGB of the United States” the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has operated ever since its inception in 1913.

. . .There has long been a total media blackout of the true intent of this cabalistic group, simply because its backers also own and control that selfsame media. This is why I was really surprised to see a story out of the San Francisco Examiner; surprised and, in a sense, shocked, for I was aware not only of the great lengths this group had gone to over the years to conceal its clandestine activities, but has actually convinced even that small portion of the public who think that they are a fraternal and benevolent organization, dedicated to “combating prejudice". (Friday 9 April 1993);

. . .The banner for this yarn reads: “ADL linked to domestic spying case”.

. . .Here is the lead: “San Francisco — The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith paid San Francisco art dealer Roy Bullock $170,000 to spy on some 500 U.S. political and ethnic groups over a 25-year period, court documents made public yesterday show.

. . .“Bullock hired informants in those groups and paid them with ADL funds for about 40 years, the documents show.”

. . .There will be added breaks in this story; there will also be a supreme effort launched to clean up and cover up the details. We will

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hear much about “persecution”; and, of course, the charge of “antisemitism” will be hurled at those who uncovered and revealed this latest “ADL Connection”.

. . .The FBI has documentary evidence that the ADL has been spying on its “fellow Americans” for over 60 years and that they have computerized records (referred to as the “hit list” or the “enemies list”) on over 640,000 of us. Contrast this to what the FBI has, following legislation which severely limited — and hampered — its monitoring of the very covert activity which the ADL practices assiduously.

. . .The FBI is today monitoring less than a hundred.

. . .The FBI and the “fourth service”, the CIA, have been co-opted to some degree by the very cabal that long ago should have been broken up as being a subversive organization working toward the utter destruction of the United States and our way of life.

. . .Instead, the ADL continues with its tax exempt status as a charitable group and continues to buy off investigations and to smear those who try. Witness the latest efforts to depict J. Edgar Hoover as a “drag queen”.

. . .More to the point,William Webster, the then head of the FBI, issued a “close hold” internal memo of 16 Dec. 1985 which stated in part that the “Jewish underground” is the “most serious terrorist network operating in the United States”.


. . .Let’s get a closer look at the “brains” of this calculated terrorist activity here in the United States which we refer to as the “Strategy of Tension”. Bear in mind that the Waco “cult” standoff, shoot-out and

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incineration is very much a part of it, as was the double jeopardy trial of the police officers in LA, as was the first bombing of the World Trade Center in NYC in 1993. Add to those heinous acts, the “calculated Act of Terror”, the utter destruction of the Federal building in Oklahoma City by “insiders” and their blatant attempt to shunt the blame either to “Islamic Extremists” or the “far right militia”.

. . .Note that I am purposely excluding any mention — at this time — of the “strategy of tension” created on the morning of 11 September 2001.

. . .Just as they make use of such groups as the “skinheads”, the ADL and its international group, the World Jewish Council (WJC), have set up each of these terrorist acts as part of their overall “strategy of tension”.

. . .The Jewish Defense League (JDL) was directly responsible for a series of professional terror bombings that murdered two people and badly wounded 14 others in 1985.

. . .When Alex Odeh, head of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (AADC) was murdered in California by a pipe bomb, the FBI knew the identities of the three longtime JDL members who allegedly carried it out (Andy Green, Keith Fuchs and Bob Manning). Even though they were prime suspects in previous terrorist attacks, they were allowed to leave the country.

. . .We will cover more of the detail of JDL-ADL terrorist activity in following chapters. Let’s first go back to the time in the 1940s when these Gangster-Statesmen (phrase used by British author and historian, Paul Johnson) were using identical terrorist techniques to either murder or drive out the native Palestinians from their homes and fields — Arab properties which had been theirs and their antecedents for nearly 2000 years.

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. . .Since the 1930s the ADL has systematically defamed, libeled, and smeared anybody who gained public prominence as an anti-Communist. When ADL spokesmen scream “anti-Semite,” or “racist” or “fascist,” or “white Christian male” what they really mean is that their target of defamation has spoken out against subjective “laws” and government policies that advance socialism in America.

. . .The ADL maintains the largest private (and illegal) domestic intelligence apparatus in the United States. Its snitches, informants and undercover operatives target any organization or individual who espouses constitutionalism, a return to objective law, patriotism, American self-interest, or anti-socialism. The ADL functions, for all intents and purposes, as the intelligence service of the Communist Party USA.

. . .This criminal enterprise is geared to silence any opposition to ADL’s communist agenda through blackmail, coercion, libel, extortion and legal terrorism. All the ADL has to do is mumble the mystic incantation,“ anti-semitism,” to coerce publishers into not publishing books or magazines the ADL finds offensive, TV producers to cancel shows the ADL does not want shown, spin the news to the ADL’s slant, or pressure sponsors to cancel lectures by people the ADL does not approve of.

. . .The ADL accomplishes this by threatening individuals with adverse publicity (blackmail) or protracted and costly lawsuits (legal terrorism) if they are not cooperative. The ADL’s payoff for these extortionary practices is perceived public legitimacy for whatever contemptible drivel and blatant lies they are shopping at the time.

. . .A careful examination of the programs, policies and “legislation” the ADL supports reveal them to be incremental steps on the path to socialist totalitarianism. There has not been a single whim based gun

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control, censorship, anti-capitalism, anti-property or anti-freedom of association “law” passed since the 1930s that the ADL has not sponsored or publicly supported — or that the Communist Party USA has opposed.

. . .“ADL urges the vigorous enforcement by the states of existing statutes outlawing specific types of paramilitary training,” said a recent ADL press release. “Many of these measures, currently on the books of 24 states,” it continues,“ were patterned after a model bill formulated by ADL. The League has written to the governors of the remaining 26 states, urging them to work with their legislatures to adopt such statutes.”

. . .By what right does a private partisan organization “formulate” legislation specifically designed to abrogate the unalienable right of individual citizens in a constitutional republic to drill as a “well regulated militia” in self-defense against tyranny? By what criteria do “representatives” enact such legislation?

. . .The answers to these questions are simple. The ADL arrogated to themselves the extra-legal authority to “formulate” anti-constitutional legislation, and leftist legislators legitimized the ADL’s usurpation of the legislative process by acceding to the ADL’s tribal-collectivist whims.

. . .The ADL’s expressed long range goal is to make “hate” a federal crime. This is nothing less that a open declaration advocating thought crime. In no other country in the world — including Israel — have Jews, on the whole, experience the freedom and liberty inherent in America. In no other country in the world has the ADL exerted so much time, effort, money and propaganda to effect totalitarianism and establish themselves — through that obscenity, the Justice Department’s Civil Rights division — as America’s Thought Cheka.

. . .From 1917, until its alleged collapse, the ADL held the Soviet Union to be the model of “tolerance and freedom for Jews.” In

[Viper's Venom ebook page 13]

November, 1946, ADL spokesman Louis Levine, writing in Soviet Russia Today stated, “One does not dare be anti-semitic in Russia.” (Original emphasis.) The ADL’s sister organization in the Soviet Union, the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, made certain the gulags were filled to capacity to drive home the point.

. . .Now, ask yourself. “Why does the ADL support gun control and promote anti-militia legislation?”

. . .Better yet, ask a prisoner in a Russian gulag.

J.F.A. Davidson

J.F.A. Davidson is a Special Forces soldier who writes prolifically for The New American Magazine, and for The Resister, a publication dedicated to the Special Forces Underground.


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