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American Values Decline Cover Contents Introduction
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Abortion, questions about,
Academic achievement,
...factors that affect, 113-22,
...diminished for accountants, 238
...diminished for attorneys, 238
...diminished for doctors, 239
Adams, John, on slavery, 9
Addictive behavior, and value orientation, xxviii
Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program, 170-71
Affirmative action, 160-61, 206
...absence of democracy in, 151-55
...causes of unrest in, xxii
...corruption in, 152-55
...fantasies about life in, 151-55
Sub-Saharan, world's poorest region in, 154
...air rage, 59

[411 – second column]

...effects of child abuse upon, 66 '
...encouraged by television, 63-64
...negative change in level of, 59-61
...on school buses, 60
...road rage, 59
Air rage, 59
America Works, successful rehabilitation employment, 144
American Colonization Society, support of Liberia by, 152
American Seed Company, youth program dropped due to cheating, 55
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, being used inappropriately, 220
Anti-Social Personality Disorder, being used to impose dysfunctional workers upon ...others, 220
Amour, successful employee-transfer program, 310
Asian-Americans, superior academic performance of, 191-92


Aurelius, Marcus, value orientation of, 45
...avoiding abuses of, 302-32
...indiscriminate submission of, 100-7
...ultimate source of, in business, 285

"Baby Think It Over" Program, successful approach for discouraging premature ...motherhood, 129-30
Chapter 7 for, too easily awarded, 57, 238, 242-43
...dilution of personal accountability with regard to, 238
...frequency trend of, 57, 238
...needed remedial action for, 242-43
Barclay Enterprises,
...successful rehabilitation employment, 142-43
...conscious analysis as a causal factor of, 87-89, 97, 99, 107-8
...consciousc analysis as a factor in the development of a conscience, 87-89
...feelings of self-efficacy as a causal factor of, 107-8
...genetic inheritance as a causal factor of, 85, 89, 93
...interaction of causal factors of, 107-8
...situational factors as a causal factor of, 99-108
...values as a causal factor of, 98-99, 107-8
Behavior Management:
B.F. Skinner on, 121
...consequence control in, 115-19
...cue control in, 113-15
...dealing with excessively charged values, 109-12
...dealing with the urge toward immediate gratification, 113-17 the Monitor Program, 136
...misuse of, in welfare programs, 214-20
...objections to, 119-20
Pizza Hut "Book It" program, that


...successfully encourages reading, 120-21 improve academic performance, 168-74, 177
BELL computer program, to lower pension costs via pre-vesting layoffs, 279
Birth control:
"Baby Think: It Over" Program, 129-30
John Hopkins Pregnancy Prevention Program, 129
...need for, 19-21, 67-68, 70-71, 75, 216-17
Selective Tubal Occlusion, 127-28
Teen Outreach Program, 129
Black negative sub-culture: discrimination in, 81-82
...crime and delinquency rates in, 73-75
...disregard for academic attainment in, 76-77
...illegitimacy and broken families in, 75
...lack of mutual economic support in, 80
...negative changes in, 73-82

[413 – right column]

...rejection of positive role models in, 78-79
Boards of directors:
...need for reform of, 296-97
...require community-impact statements from, 299
...require equity stake in company from, 300
...value of outside members on, 296-97
Bribery in business abroad, dealing with, 267-68, 317-24
Buddhism, core values of, 33-34
Business leadership:
...ethical qualifications for, 301, 332 international operations, 267-69, 317-32
...lack of trust and confidence in, 251-53, 256, 264
...reactions of managers to the Depression-Era policies of F.D.R., 275 responsibility and, 58, 250-51, 269-86
sweatshops and, 280, 325-27, 330


...unwarranted compensation of, 259-63

"Can Do" feeling (see Self Efficacy).
Campaign Financing:
...avoiding problems with, 210-12
...need for reform of, 198-205
...possible solutions for problems associated with, 211-12
Cash-Balance pension plans, can penalize long-term employees, 279-80
Cathexis (emotional charging), dealing with the undesirable effects of, 109-12
Censorship by the Hollywood Hays Office, 65
Chapter 7 for bankruptcy, too easily awarded, 238
Character development, 71, 83-87, 181-87
...beneficial effects of, 86, 187
Character First program for, 186

[414 – right column]

Character Plus program (formerly PREP), 181-86
...appreciation of learning in, 184
...civic values in, 183
...personal values in, 182 values in, 183
Character First program, for successfully teaching values in school, 186
Character Plus program (formerly PREP): appreciation of learning in, 184
...civic values in, 183
...for successfully teaching values in school, 181-86
...personal values in, 182 values in, 183
Charter Schools:
...experience with, 178-80
...response to, 177-79
Cheating, survey results of, 56-57, 254, 266
Child labor, xxv, xxvii, 326, 330
Child rearing, 19, 66-71, 88-89, 109-22, 131-35, 140, 190-92, 231-33. (see "Parental involvement with children")


Civic values, teaching of, 183
Code of Business Ethics:
...can be viable, 286-96, 317-25
Code of Worldwide Business Conduct of the Caterpillar Tractor Comp any, 320-23
Cognitive-ability scores: assessed by GAJB, 188-89
...influence of education upon, 30, 143
...influence of rearing circumstances upon, 190
...warranted discrimination based upon, 187-90
...yield different valid scores for different groups, 188
Compstat Computer-based Program, for processing timely crime data, 151
Conflicts of interest:
...created by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, 241-42 government, 200-1, 204

[415 – right column]

Confucianism, core values of, 35-36
...cathexis (emotional charging) as part of, 85-87
...conscious analysis in relation to, 87, 98, 109-12
...development of, 83-88, 97
...influence, of genetic inheritance upon, 89-97
Conscious analysis, 85-89, 97
...role of, in causing behavior, 99
...role of, in value acquisition, 87-89
Consequence control for improved compliance with conscious goals, 115-19 "Copycat" crimes, 64
Core values:
...across cultures and subcultures, xiii-xvii, xxi-xxviii, 33-45, 104, 293-96
America's founding fathers on, 1, 5-9, 28
Charles Darwin on, 2
...decline in adherence to, 52-82-, 157-66, 194-


210, 214-23, 237-42, 256-67, 334-36
...evidence in support of:
...being ambitious, hardworking, and aspiring, 24-27
...duty, honesty, integrity, and being responsible, 17-27
...emphasis on learning, 27-30
...providing equality of opportunity, 30-32
George Washington on, 1, 7 acquired, 5-7, 71, 83-97
...importance of, 1-3, 5-8, 219, 333-35
...make a culture viable when shared, 1-3, 7
...nature of, xxxi, 1-9
...of the world's religions, 33-42
...public support for today, 17-19, 24, 30
...public-school practices that are inconsistent with, 157-61
...required to support intelligent inquiry and planning, 3 programs) for teaching, 181-87
...successful teaching of, 71, 83-89, 181-87
Corporate welfare, abuses of; 197-205
...discouragement of, in business, 301-7, 317-20
...during and after the Civil War, 50-51
...idea of penalty reductions for companies that take meaningful corrective
...action steps, 286 Africa, 152-55 form of foreign payoffs by u.s. companies, 267-68 government, 194-210 Liberia, 152-53 U.S. companies, 202-5, 209, 251-53, 257-63, 267-68, 279, 281-86 U.S. unions, 265-66
Cortical development, critical period for, 133
Cost/Benefit Analysis:
...applied to business, 280-84
Ford Pinto example of, 281-83


General Motors fuel fires example of, 283
Counselors, should be on piecework, 246-47
Court-case overload, the problem and remedial action, 239, 243
"Crank," effects of, 73
...causes of, xviii, 61-64, 66-68, 89, 91-97
"Copycat", 64
...corporate, 251-52, 258, 263
...effective measures for reducing, 136 -51
...homicide rates in 11 developed countries, xix
...impact of, upon the young, 61-64 Africa, 152-55
...juvenile rates of, 55-57, 61, 67-68, 70, 74-75
...rates of, for 1933 versus 1944, xvi-xvii
...recent rate changes of, 61
Criminal justice:
...hampered by defense tactics, 236
...hampered by diminished personal accountability, 237-39

[417 right column]

...hampered by "legal blackmail", 239-40, 243
...need for panels of judges, 243-44
...need for punitive-damages caps, 243
...undermined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 241-42
Criminal Personality:
...defining elements of, 93-95
...individuals of this type should have their freedom constrained, 244
...influence of genetic
...inheritance upon, 96 - 97
...resistance of, to change, 96-97, 240-41
Cue control, for improved compliance with conscious goals, 113-15
Curfews, success of with youthful drug. offenders, 136-37

Darwin, Charles, on essential role of core values, 1-2
Daycare, effects of, 23-24, 132-34


Debt slaves, how created, 326-27
Declaration of the United Nations. (see Universal Declaration of Human Rights of ...the United Nations)
Declaration of the World Conference of Religions For Peace, 39-40
Declaration Toward A Global Ethic, 18, 40-42
Delancey Street Foundation, successful rehabilitation of former criminals, 148-50
...absence of in Africa, 152-55
...requirements of, for success, 5-7, 25-27, 333-35
Depression Era:
...crime rates during, xvi-xvii
...morality during, xvi-xviii
...reactions of Herbert Hoover to, 273
...remedial efforts of Franklin Roosevelt for, 274
Depression rates, 57
Direct Instruction, for enhancing academic
...performance and self-esteem, 169
Discrimination: black-on-black,81-82
...effects of, on ethnic groups, 155
...valid when based upon group-score differences, 187-90
Discussion leadership:
...for defining and gaining acceptance of organizational goals or action plans, 313-16
...for identifying problems or opportunities, solving a problem, and reviewing ...proposed solutions or programs, 122-25
DIVAD project, as example of misdirected effort, 194-95
...dysfunctional ones, 111
...dealing effectively with, 112
Douglas, Frederick, on importance of education, 14
...and "layoff-survivors syndrome", 254


...done intelligently, 309-11
...why it backfires, 253-55
...and our youth, 72-73
...effectively dealing with:
STAR program, 140
...use of curfews, 136-38
...poor prospects for
...rehabilitation, 73
...subtle effects of marijuana, 72
...use of, among the homeless, 141

Edison Schools, a management-of-schools company, 179-80
...affirmative action, effects of, 160-61, 206
...disadvantages of social
...promotions, 159-60, 177
...effective encouragement of reading, 120-21, 190-91
...erosion of standards, 158-62
...expenditures per student,
..."how," rather than "how much", 151
...experience with vouchers, 174-77

[418 – right column]

...feasibility of higher standards, 177
...growing importance of, 28-29
...impact of charter schools, 177-79
...impact of Edison Schools, 179-80
...measures for improving school discipline, 174
...need for parental involvement, 190-92
...nonproductive public-school practices, 157-64 violence, 60, 161
...teaching values, 181-87
Educational improvement through:
Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), 170-71
Direct Instruction, 169
Love and Learning, 168-69
...parental involvement, 131-34
School choice, 174-80
Success For All, 169-70
...the teaching of values, 181-87


Educational standards
...beneficial effects of raising, 177
...need for better evaluation of teachers, 166-68
...subverted by parental behavior, 161-62, 190-92
...subverted by "the philosophy of the whole child", 159-60
Energy to act, role in causing behavior, 98-99, 107-8
Entitlements, dysfunctional ones, 110
...effectively dealing with, 112
Environmental Protection Agency, an irrational act of, 196
Epictetus's Manual For the Roman Field Soldier, 18
Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission, unrealistic requirements of, 241-42
Ethical Behavior:
...audits of, 330-31
...benefits to business of, 288-90 international business operations, 317-19 offices to enforce compliance with, 286-87
Ethical/Legal compliance office, 287
...absolutism versus excessive permissiveness, xxviii-xxix
...and abortion, xxix-xxx
...and Social Darwinism, 275-76
...and the "game analogy" in business, 276-78
...based upon Cost/Benefit Analysis, 280-85
...based upon cross-cultural interviews, 44-45
...can be complex, xxviii-xxix
...core values versus less - essential ones, 3-4
Declaration of the United Nations about, 42-44
Declaration of the World Conference of Religions For Peace, 39-40
Declaration Toward A Global Ethic, 40-42
...decline of, in government, 57, 196-210


Epictetus's Manual For the Roman Field Soldier, 18 business, 57, 249-64, 267, 270-86 international business operations, 293-96, 317-32
...nature of, 83
...selection of leaders with regard to, 301, 332
...strengthening ethical behavior, 296-332
Exclusionary Rule, misuse of, 237
...need to make it discretionary, 242
Executive Compensation,
...often excessive, 259-63
Export-Import Bank,
...provides help to non-needy companies, 205

Family life:
...back-to-back work shifts to improve, 134
...impact of daycare upon, 23-24, 134
...impact of parental conflict upon, 134-35
...impact of, upon cognitive ability skills, 189-90

[421 – right column]

...importance of, 18-24, 67-68
...importance of living with two natural parents, 19-22
...importance of marriage to, 19-22, 67-69
...improving the quality of, 131-35
...program for encouraging fathers to be responsible for, 130-31
...reducing conflict of, with the job, 311-13
Retrouvaille Program for troubled marriages, 135
...limitations to, 19-22, 67-69
...value of pre-marriage counseling to, 126
Fathers, importance of, 19-22, 68, 164-66
"Featherbedding," by U.S. government, 197-98, 201-3, 208-9
Federal Light Water Reactor Program, costly and unwarranted, 208-9
Federalist Paper No.2, notes from, about shared values, 5-6


Federalist Paper No. 55, notes from, about virtue and self-government, 6
Fetus, changing characteristics of, xxx
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, 267-68, 317-18
Foster parents: the Hope Meadows Project, 233 the Monitor Program, 136
...need to maintain extended- family influence in addition to, 231-33
4-H Club youngsters who have violated exhibition rules, 57
Franklin, Benjamin, on slavery, 10
Free enterprise:
...limitations to, 250-51, 270-73
Milton Friedman on, 271-73
Free trade, disadvantages of, 325-31
Friedman, Milton, on free enterprise, 271-73

[422 right column]

Gainsharing for equitably sharing the fruits of employee-generated produc tivity ...gains, 316-17
Gambling, impact upon children of, 66
Game analogy, applied to business ethics, 276-78
General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB), characteristics of, and different scores for ...different groups, 188-89
Genetics, influence of, 89-97
...heritability of certain attributes, 89-93
Ghetto housing, successful program for, 233-34
Girl Scouts, percentage willing to cheat on tests, 56
Government (U.S.),
...irresponsibility of, 194-210, 219-20, 258-59
DIVAD Project, 194-95
EPA, 196
...ethanol production, 203
Grace Report, and aftermath, 195-200
Jones Act of 1920, 197-98
...measures to reverse, 210-14, 223-34
Mining Law of 1872, 202


...some Tax payers more equal than others, 209
...sugar subsidies, 202-03
Government (U.S.), lack of public confidence in, 199-200, 210
Grace Report on government inefficiency, 195
Gratification, immediate,
...urge toward, 113
...dealing with it via consequence control, 115-21
...dealing with it via cue control, 113-15
Greed: Australia, 268-69 the U.S., 258-64, 267, 279-85
Grievance mediation, to avoid the abuse of power, 302-3
Grievance panels. (see grievance mediation)
Group problem solving:
...encouraging truthfulness and full disclosure in, 122-25
Improved Nominal Group Technique,
...for improvement of, 123-25

[423 – right column]

...problems with conventional procedures for, 122
The Search Conference, for improvement of, 313-16
Hamilton, Alexander, on qualities for successful republicanism, 6
...and inherited wealth, xxi
...and materialism, xiv-xx
...causes of, xiv-xxi
Hard-core unemployed:
...characteristics of, 221
...vagrancy as a Constitutional right, 221
Hays Office of movie censorship, 65
Hinduism, core values of, 36
Histronic Personality
Disorder, being used to impose dysfunctional workers upon others, 220
Homeless and unemployed persons:
...constructive assistance for, 141-48, 222
...need for "hand-holding" with, 144-45
...problems with, 144-46


Honesty, evidence of negative change in level of, 55-57
Hoover, Herbert, on Depression-Era policy, 273
Human rights, declaration of the United Nations about, 42-44
Hyperactivity, significant genetic basis for, 91

I.Q. scores. (see cognitive ability scores)
IBM's successful installation-of- Robotics program, 310-11
...changing attitudes toward, 216-17 part of the black culture, 75
...means for discouraging, 126-30
...problems associated with, 67, 216-18
...rate of, for non-poverty-level, high-school seniors in Tipton County, IN, 217
...congruent values of, 1-3, 5-7, 51-55, 333-35

[424 – right column]

...need for the revision of admission requirements for, 51-55, 334-35
Incarceration, an economically feasible means for reducing crime, 244-47
...air rage, 59 the military, 105-6
...negative trend toward, 60-61
...on school buses, 60
...road rage, 59
Indifference to the will of the people, by our political leaders, 199, 206-10
Influence peddling in govenment, 200-05, 208-9
International business:
Caterpillar Tractor's Code of Worldwide Business Conduct, 320-23
...reducing the conflict between domestic and foreign working conditions standards, ...325-32
...relevant cross-cultural value differences, 293-96


Islamism, core values of, 36-37

Jay, John:
...on slavery, 10
...on the importance of shared values, 5-6
Jefferson, Thomas:
...on emancipation, 13
...on relationship between ignorance and freedom, 28
...on slavery, 10
Job-family conflict, reduction of, 311-13
John Hopkins Pregnancy Prevention Program, 129
Judaism, core values of, 37-38
Juvenile crime, 55-57, 61, 161 schools, 161
...reduction of, via the Monitor Program, 136
Juvenile delinquency, 60-61, 63-64, 66-68, 70-74
...impact of, on youth, 61-62
...need for early intervention to deal with effectively, 245-47
...reduction of, via military-type program, 139

[425 – right column]

...reduction of, via Project STAR, 140
...reduction of, via Tae Kwon Do classes, 139

Kant, Immanuel, on overriding core value, 45
Kibbutzim, lessons from, 23-24

Labor-management relations, when there is lack of trust, 253-54, 264
Laissez-faire. (see free enterprise)
Lama, Dalai:
...on materialism and happiness, xxi
...on the nature of all religions, 39
...on the purpose of religion, xxv
"Layoff survivor syndrome," as a result of dysfunctional downsizing, 253-54
Lee, Robert E.:
...on slavery, 46
...on the proper use of power, 46
"Legal blackmail" via requiring defendants in groundless lawsuits to pay for their ...defense, 239-40


Liberia, failure of democracy in, 152-53
Lincoln, Abraham:
...about avoiding the appearance of a conflict of interest, 47
...about rehabilitation of the post-Civil War South, 47
...about slavery, 12, 47
...advice of, to a debt-ridden brother, 215-16
...disrespect toward, 49-50
...on liberty, 337
Lincoln Electric Company, higher skill levels now required of entering workers, 29, ...159
Literacy level:
...decline in, 158-59
...reversing the decline of, 169-70, 191
...current problems with, 239-40
...possible remedies for problems with, 243
Lombardi, Vince, on the need for personal caring to accompany discipline, 140
Louisiana Alliance for
Educational Reform, success of, 173-74

[426 – right column]

Love Of Learning, minority, educational enrichment program, 168-69
Lying, survey results of extent of, 56

Madison, James:
...on assumed requirements for successful republicanism, 6
...on emancipation, 6, 13
...on slavery, 10
Management of change:
...for others, 309-11
...for ourselves, 109-26
Marijuana, subtle effects of, 72
Market Promotion Program example of unnecessary
...corporate welfare, 203
Marriage, importance of, 67-69
...positive effects of upon partners, 68-69
Marriott Corporation, successful rehabilitation employment program, 144-46
Mathematics instruction:
...results of the Third International Math and Science Survey, 159


...value' of changing female expectations, 168
McClelland, General
George, disrespect of President Lincoln, 50
Medicare fraud, 58
Melville, Herman, on freedom, 109
Methamphetamine (meth), effects of, 73
Microboard Processing Company, successful employment rehabilitation of high-risk ...people, 146-47
Microenterprise Centers, for would-be entrepreneurs, 148
Mill, John Stuart:
...on cost/benefit analysis, 281
...on requirements for the exercise of productive individual liberty, 6-7
Minimum wage, needed changes in, 228-31
Monitor Program,
...successfully changing the behavior of violent juveniles, 136
Moral decline:

[427 – right column]

...evidence of, xiii, 55-82, 199-201, 251-52, 259-67 business, 251-52, 256-64, 278-84 government, 199-205, 206-10 part of the black culture, 73-82
...reversal of, through values education, 83-87, 181-87
Morris, Governor, about France in the 1790’s, 7-8
Movies, negative influence of, 64-66
Murphy Village, home of the exploitative "travelers", 104
"Musts," dealing with typical dysfunctional onces, 111-12

Narcissistic Personality Disorder, being used to impose dysfunctional workers upon ...others, 220
National Commission on Governing America's Schools, recommendations of; 179
National Institute for Responsible Fatherhood


...and Family Development, success of, 131
New York City's Model Block Program:
...has reduced drug trafficking, 137-39
Nuisance Abatement Act, as used in, 138
Trespass Affidavit Program, as used in, 138
Nominal Group Technique (Improved), for identifying problems and opportunities ...and for reviewing proposed programs and solutions, 122-25
Nominal Group Technique (Improved). for identifying problems and opportunities ...and for reviewing proposed programs and solutions, 125
Nuisance Abatement Act, permits the transfer of improperly used apartments to ...legitimate families, 138

Operation Cul-de-Sac, for successful reduction of

[428 right column]

...crime and drug dealing, 234
Oppositional Defiant Disorder, being used to impose dysfunctional workers upon ...others, 220
Outsourcing, dealing with problems created by, 327-32

Parachutes, pack, value that opposed use of in World War I, xiii
Parental involvement with chidren: a vehicle for the encouragement of reading, 191
...importance of, 22-24, 68-70, 83-87, 132-33, 140, 191-92, 223
Partners in Care, successful support for the mentally ill, 141
"Pay After Performance" rule, as part of Wisconsin's welfare reform program, 225-
... 26


Perfect competition, why a fiction, 250-51
Peripheral values, nature of, 3-4
Personal values, teaching of, 181-82
Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll, survey of values that should be taught in public ...schools, 185
Philosophy of the Whole Child, dysfunctional effects of, 159-60
Physical abuse, effects of on the young, 66
Piaget, Jean, on stages of human development, 88-89
Pizza Hut "Book It"
Program, to encourage reading, 120-21
Political contributions, negative effects of, 200-12
Popular music, changes in character of, 62
"Pot," subtle effects of, 72
...negative effects of, 68
...not a major cause of crime, xviii, 214

[429 right column]

...used to excuse irresponsible behavior, 219
Power of values:
...during the Depression Era, xv-xx Africa, xxii Nazi death camps, xxi the Battle of New Orleans, xiv the U. S. Marine Corps, xv World War I, xiii-xiv in World War II,
...kamikaze pilots, xiv-xv depress economies, xxii-xxiii encourage the mistreatment of individuals and groups, xxiii-xxvii, 100-04
...with the Mormons, xv
Pre-marriage counseling, beneficial effects of, 126
PREP (see Character Plus Program)
Principled Negotiations Approach, for "win-win"
...negotiations, 307-9
Prison environment,
...simulated effects of, 103-4
Prison labor:


...a productive and feasible idea today, 247-48
Florida's PRIDE Enterprises, 247-48
Probation officers, should be on piecework, 247
Psychopathic Personality (see Criminal personality)

Racial preference:
...impact of, on academic performance, 189
...impact of, on medical practice, 160
Rational Emotive Therapy, for dealing with dysfunctional values, 112
Rationality, dealing with limits to, 93-126
Reform needed:
...of bankruptcy procedure, 238, 242-43
...of campaign financing, 210-12
...of corporate welfare, 197-98, 201-5, 208-9
...of Equal Opportunity requirements, 237, 241-42
...of our schools, 157-64, 166-90

...of rehabilitation programs, 222-28, 240-41, 244-48
...of the administration of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, 219-20
...of the criminal-justice system, 237-38, 240-42, 244-48
...of vagrancy laws, 217-18, 221, 224
...of welfare programs, 214-235
Regulation of business, need for, 250-51, 258-64, 286, 325-32
...basic requirements for the success of, 130-31, 141-50, 222-23, 245-48
...need to segregate criminals for success of, 244-45
...of drug addicts, 73
...of former convicts, 148-50
...regulatory obstacles to, 142-43
...via special employment programs:
America Works, 144


Barclay Enterprises, 142-43
Center for Employment Training, 148
Chicago Manufacturing Institute, 148
GAIN, 146
Marriott Corporation, 144-46
Microboard Processing Company, 146-47
Microenterprise Centers, 148
South Bronx Overall Development Corporation, 146
St. Vincent de Paul Village, 142
Strive Program, 146
Wildcat Services, 146
...via subsidies to private-sector employers, 144-45, 228-31
Reich, Robert:
...linking by, of big-name retailers to sweat shops, 280
...on the need to reward responsible managements, 287
...negative, use of, 117-18
...positive, use of, 115-17

[431 – right column]

...and abortion, xxix-xxx
...core values of various denominations, 33-42
Declaration of the World Conference of Religions For Peace, 39-40
Declaration Toward A Global Ethic, 40-42
...oppression of Christians in the name of, xxvi-xxviii
...theology of, versus unifying core values, xxv
Retrouvaille Program, successful intervention for troubled marriages, 135 Road ...rage, 59
Roosevelt, Franklin, on
Depression-Era policy, 274

Savings and loan scandal, 258-59
School choice, experience with, 174-81
School reforms, successful programs of, 172-81
School vouchers, experience with, 174-77, 181
School-bus violence, 60


SCORE, aid to would-be entrepreneurs, 148, 174-77, 181
Scott Paper Company, higher skill levels now required for entering employees, 29
Search Conference: a tool for voter and organizational-member input, 212-13, 313-16
...for defining and gaining acceptance of organizational goals and action plans,
Segregation of criminals, need for, 240-41, 244-46
Selective Tubal Occlusion, prevent pregnancy, 127-28
...enhancement of, 113-18, 139-40, 174
...need for, among the chronically unemployed, 145
...enhancing feelings of, 121-22
...influence of, 107
...can be dysfunctional, 160

[432 – right column]

...enhancement of, via supportive, affectionate parents, 131-32
...improvement of, via Direct Instruction, 169
...improvement of, via enhanced self-efficacy, 121-22
...inappropriate attempts at enhancement of, 158
...lowered by sex without commitment, 20
Self-Sufficiency First, successful Wisconsin welfare-reform program, 225-26
Shared rights, values, and responsibilities, the bedrock of viable, selfgovernment, 1-
... 9, 109-10, 219-28, 233-35, 272-73, 333-37
Short-run versus long-run in business, consequences of, 272, 310-11
Single parenting:
Hope Meadows Project, an alternative to, 233
...possible constructive alternative via the coordinated efforts of several agencies,


...problems arising from, 19-24,66-68
Situational factors: a cause of behavior, 99-108
...effects of a simulated prison environment, 103-4
...effects of indiscriminate submission to authority, 100-7
Murphy Village, effects of a negative subculture, 104
Tailhook, effects of a negative subculture, 100-7
The Wave, effects of a simulated, authoritarian environment, 102-3
Skinner, B.F., on our failure to use appropriate behavior management,
...abolition of, in Northern states, 10-11
Abraham Lincoln on, 9, 12, 47
African wars as supporters of, 152-54
Alexander Hamilton on, 10

[433 – right column]

Benjamin Franklin on, 10
...current practice of, xxv-xxvii, 326-27 Negro owners in the U.S., 12
George Washington on, 9, 11 Asia and Africa, 152-54, 326-27 Ethopia, 153 Haiti, 152 Liberia, 152
...issue of, in America, 9-15, 327
James Madison on, 10
John Adams on, 9
John Jay on, 10
...monetary value of, in America, 11-12
Northwest Ordinance about, 11
Southern government's position on, 15
Thomas Jeffersol1 on, 10
...transitional period from, argument for, 13-14
Smith, Adam, on limitations to laissez-faire, 270-71
Social Darwinism, "survival of the fittest" in business, 275-76


Social promotion, disadvantages of, 159-60, 177
Social values, teaching of, 183
Social workers, should be on piecework, 247
Socialization, process of, 83-97
Sociopath. (see Criminal Personality)
"Speed," effects of, 73
St. Vincent de Paul Village:
Assistance of, to the homeless, 142
...orientation program of, for shelter operators, 142
Stages of human development:
...according to Piaget, 88-89 cortical development and, 133
...impact of marijuana upon, 72
Standards, erosion of:
...for acquiring U.S. citizenship, 206
...for compensating accountants, 238
...for compensating top executives, 259-63, 285 education, 77, 158-66

[434 – right column] granting bankruptcies, 238 granting welfare support, 214-18 literacy level, 158 morality, xiii, 55-66 parental supervision, 68-71, 161-62 popular-music lyrics, 62 respect for government, 199-200 respect for the law, 58-62, 205-7, 209, 251-52, 258-59, 263, 265 the quality of family life, 68-71
...of civility, 57-61, 105-6
...of honesty, 55-57, 251-52, 257-58
...of responsible sexual behavior, 70-71, 75
...of self-control, 59-61
...on honesty, 251-52
STAR Program, successful approach for reducing adolescent drinking, smoking, and ...drug abuse, 140
Stephens, Alexander, on South's position about slavery, 15


Strive Program, successful rehabilitation employment, 146
Subsidies to private-sector employers, 144-46, 229-31
Substance abusers:
...being classified with the physically handicapped, 219
...proportion of, among the homeless, 141
Success For All Program, successful approach for improving reading skill,
Sugar subsidies, 202-3
Suicide rate of young people, 1990 versus 1960, 67
Support Groups, 141
Awakenings, support for the mentally ill, 141
Fast Track to Employment, 141
INcube, helping the
...recovering mentally ill to start businesses, 141
Partners In Care, support for the mentally ill, 141
Schizophrenics Anonymous, 141

[435 – right column]

...reactions of certain retailers to the problem of, 280, 330-31
...reducing the conflict between domestic and foreign regulation of, 240, 325-32

Tae Kwon Do, enhancing self-discipline in young people, 139
Tailhook scandal, influence of a negative subculture, 105-7
... Teachers:
...better preparation of, through productive workshops, 173-74
...better preparation of, through the CITE Program, 166
...broader recruitment of, through the AmeriCorps Teach For America Program,
...need for better preparation of, 77, 163-64, 166
...need to improve evaluation of, 166-68
Teaching our heritage, need for, 16-17


Teen Father Program, success of, 130-31
Teen Outreach Program, success in encouraging responsibility, 129
Television violence:
...control of viewing of, 133-34
...effects of, on behavior, 63-64
Term limits, need for, 211-12
The Wave, simulation of an authoritarian environment, 102-3
Third International Math and Science Survey, results of, 159
"Tough love," success in dealing with juvenile delinquency: military-style, 139-40
Tae Kwon Do, 139
"Travelers," community of exploiters of others, 104
Trespass Affidavit Program, by which police can challenge non-residents, 138
...essential role of, 1-3

[436 – right column]

...evidence of negative change in level of, 57, 199-200, 210
Tylenol Case, of Johnson and Johnson, 289-90

Unemployed. (see homeless and unemployed)
Uniform Commercial Codes,
...provide ethical guidelines, 290-92
United States Sentencing Commission 1991 Guidelines for punishing organizations ...for illegal behavior, 286-87
Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, 42-44

Vagrancy: a Constitutional right, 221
...need for the reform of laws pertaining to, 221-23
Values education. (see character education)
...about group decision making in China, 294


...about individuality and independence in Japan, 295-96
...about participative management in Mexico, 295
...cross-cultural differences in, xxii-xxvii, 293-94
...power of, xiii-xviii, 98-108
...values education (see character development)
...air rage, 59 the result of early physical abuse, 66 popular music, 62
...influence of, in the movies, 64
...influence of, on television, 63-64
...on school busses, 60
...rates of, 61
...road rage, 59
Vouchers, experience with for school attendance and academic performance, 174-
...77, 180-81

Washington, Booker T., a former slave on the need for blacks to embrace positive,
...core values, 78

[437 – right column]

Washington, George:
...on avoiding the appearance of a conflict-of-interest, 45-46
...on self-government as a prerequisite for viable democracy, 7
...on slavery, 9, 11
...on the abuse of power, 45-46
...on the required values for the prosperity and happiness of a people, 1
...decline in the quality of recipients of, 221-22
...erosion of standards for the granting of, 214-18
Poor Law Reform of 1834 "principle of less eligibility", 214-15
...state of, prior to reform efforts, 216
...undesirable behaviors encouraged by, 216-23
Welfare reform:
...exploited teen mothers versus non-exploited ones, 227-28
Michigan’s successful program, 226


...minimum wage issues, 228-31
Minnesota's successful Subsidy to Private sector Employers Plan, 230
...need for, 214-18, 223-24
New York City's effective Work Experience Plan, 229-30
...success nationally, 167-68, 225-27, 230-31, 233-34
Wisconsin's successful Self-Sufficiency First Program, 225-26
"Whistle Blowing," encouragement of, 302-3
...enhancement of, 109-22, 125-26
...nature of, 93
Work Experience Plan, of New York City, for welfare reform, 229-30

[438 – right column]

Working mothers and the use of day care, 23-24, 133-34, 145-46, 223
Workshops, for improving teaching effectiveness, 173-74

Young people:
...age of first sexual experience, 70-71
...delinquency rates for, 55-57, 60, 70-75, 216-17
...dishonesty trends for, 55-56, 61, 67-68, 70, 73-75
...effectiveness of curfews for drug offenders, 136- 37
...enhancement of self-discipline for, 109-22, 139-40
...reducing violent behavior by, 136-40
Zimbabwe, failure of democracy in, 153


[back cover]


About the Author

Dr. Fox received his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Michigan and his doctorate from Ohio State. He is a consultant in the areas of motivation, group problem solving, performance appraisal, and supervisory skills training, and is Professor Emeritus of organizational behavior and management at the Graduate School of Business Administration of the University of Florida. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Society for Organizational and Industrial Psychology, and is a Fellow in the Academy of Management.

He was a Fulbright Lecturer in management and organizational theory at the Finnish School of Economics and the Swedish School of Economics in Helsinki, studied Japanese management as a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar at Kyoto University, and was the Principal Investigator for leadership research that was supported by the Office of Naval Research. In addition to having published several books, he has published numerous articles in professional journals.



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