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If this man were alive today, he would probably really like our ebook concept...

Thomas Jefferson acquired enough books in his personal library to restock the Library of Congress after it was burned down by the British during the War of 1812. Today that entire library could be loaded electronically on a portable PC with just a few mouse clicks.

The founder of the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson also exemplified a genuine Faustian search for truth and knowledge. "There is not a truth which I fear or would wish unknown to the world." (More...)



Hate to sound alarmist, but we strongly agree with the "Perfect Storm" scenario espoused by such financial pundits as Dr. Marc Faber, James Puplava, and Jim Rogers. At the rate in which America's overall debt is galloping out of control, combined with its structural inability to halt its chronic balance of trade imbalances or reverse its decline in domestic manufacturing, we are very likely headed towards a hyperinflationary depression, perhaps more severe and convulsive than the crisis which left half the Argentinean population in poverty in the 2001-2003 time frame.

How could America have maneuvered itself into such a horrible situation? What measures should Americans take on an individual, community, and national level to survive and get out of this mess?

A major purpose of this ebook store is to provide realistic background on the basic "who, what, where, why, and hows" behind trends which ultimately effect your life as well as offer constructive strategies looking forward... (more commentary...)


Question 1: What should one do if one is extremely obese and malnourished? Answer: Eat right and get on an appropriate exercise program.

Question 2: What should one do if one is very healthy and physically fit? Answer: Continue to eat right and stay on an appropriate exercise program.

A likely learning point here: There are positive goals we should remain focused on regardless of current conditions. It is often healthier to remain focused on positive goals than to define oneself simply by reacting to negatives.

We aim to provide titles in a variety of areas, to include science and technology, that encourage deep understanding, healthy economic growth, and a positive focus. (More...)


Over time we would like to expand our offerings of intellectual treasures currently gathering dust in the back stacks of college libraries that reflect a wide variety of viewpoints regarding such areas as politics, economics, anthropology, religion, science, technology, history, home schooling materials, nutrition, health and fitness. We would also like to provide a forum for intellectually honest authors who are being unfairly suppressed or ignored by arrogant, abusive, corrupt, or anti-First Amendment mainstream media.


Even if one does not consult the hard economic data referenced in our crisis section, truth is still coming out from a wide variety of perspectives. Although depicting Country star Merle Haggard's picture does not necessarily imply endorsement of our totally not politically correct viewpoint, he does sing about crossing America twenty times a year, he does sing about seeing the country fall apart, and he does sing "America First"!!! Check out his video and lyrics!

Then there is "Tokyo" Mike Rogers. While posting his picture here does not necessarily imply any endorsement either, he writes about the same kinds of things that Merle Haggard sings about, and it definitely is not pretty. Check out his article "America is Bankrupt" about his visit to Camp Casey by Crawford, TX, archived at the excellent libertarian site



Intellectual curiosity encouraged here! While you peruse our titles, be sure to add to your shopping cart plenty of classic titles that are now in the public domain that we offer for nominal cost or even for free! Enhance the quality of your life and your thinking by substituting mainstream TV junk with the works of the greatest literary masters. Load up lots of titles and recreate the thrill of wandering around a library with your pocket PC at your side wherever you go on a daily basis.




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